Crude palm oil processing plant

palm oil processing machine Palm oil processing machine

This article mainly introduces crude palm oil processing process, hoping to answer your questions about what machine needed in palm oi processing plant.The entire palm oil processing process is a complex process which includes palm fruit reception setion ,paln fruit sterilizing section,palm fruit threshing section ,palm fruit digesting & pressing section and palm oil clarification section.From fresh fruit bunches to crude palm oil, following is a brief introduction. [ What are the steps in palm oil production? ]

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Crude palm oil processing plant process flow chart:

Palm fruit bunches→ reception station → sterilizer station → Thresher station → Digester & presser station → crude palm oil clarification station→ red palm oil

crude palm oil processingCrude palm oil processing plant

1. Raw materials reception and storage

palm oil processing plant Palm fruit bunches reception station

Workers pick fresh fruit bunches (FFB) , transport them to palm oil mill plant with cars, get the weight by weighbridge and discharge them to material platform which is specially designed for crude palm oil processing plant, laying up for latter process. Open the gate of discharging platform, FFB would fall down to the conveyor automatically and be sent to palm fruit sterilizer station.

2.Sterilizing section

palm fruit sterilizing station Palm fruit sterilizing machine

The function of sterilizing, known as stewing in high temperature, is to avoid the deterioration of fruit. This sterilizing section of crude palm oil processing can avoid the increase of palm oil AV by stewing the fruit about 60min with 300kPa steam in a specialized sterilizer.

3. Threshing section

palm fruit threshing machine Palm fruit threshing machine

The palm fruit proportion is about 60% of the FFB. In this section, we always use rotating drum thresher to separate palm fruit from the bunches.

4. Crashing

palm fruit crashing machinePalm fruit crashing machine

The purpose of crashing in crude palm oil processing plant is to destroy palm skin, separate the palm pulp and nuts, pound palm pulp and to damage the cell structure of palm pulp by heating at the same time, which avail the latter pressing section.

5. Pressing

palm oil pressing machine Palm oil pressing machine

In crude palm oil processing process, screw palm oil press machine is common equipment we use, the outcome of which is mixture of water, oil &residue and presscake (fiber cake).

6. Crude palm oil

palm oil clarification machine Palm oil clarification machine

Separate the fiber from the mixture derived from pressing by subsidence and filtration, after continuous subsidence we can separate oil and precipitate. With another filtration and vacuum drying, the oil is just crude palm oil as we say.

This article is just a brief introduction of crude palm oil processing process, and there’s still many details in crude palm oil processing plant. If u have any questions about crude palm oil processing plant, please contact Henan Doing Company, our engineers will reply you asap.

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