The list of palm oil processing equipment

Palm oil processing equipment, from the initial fresh bunches to the final palm oil, requires professional technology to achieve the best possible oil yield and higher quality oil for more efficient production. Based on the growth characteristics of processing capacity of the customer, and taking into account the return on investment, Henan Glory Company have designed two main types of palm oil production lines and below shows list of palm oil processing equipment.

Type1: 500kg/h to 1tph list of palm oil processing equipment

750简易棕榈压榨生产线_副本1.jpgSimple type palm oil production line

The first of production line is aimed at simple production lines that plan to process 500 kg of palm fruit per hour. Its list of palm oil processing equipment mainly consists of a simple thresher, an oil press and a plate and frame filter. These machines can meet your basic production needs.

1. Simple type thresher: it is used for separating palm fruit from palm fruit bunches in palm oil processing process. The common processing capacity of simple type palm fruit threshing machine 0.5-2 tons per hour.

700-430棕榈脱果机.jpgSimple palm fruit thresher

2. Screw palm oil press machine: the major function of screw palm oil press machine is to extract palm oil from palm fruit. As for 1-2tph mini palm oil processing equipment, two kinds of screw palm oil press machine can be chosen for people, one is 500kg/h screw palm oil press machine, the other is 1-2tph double screw palm oil press machine.

700-525棕榈榨油机1_副本3.jpgScrew palm oil press machine

3. Plate and frame filter machine: it is an important filter device and uses filter cloth to filter various impurities in the grease layer by layer. After that, cleaner crude palm oil can be obtained.

700-292板框过滤机.jpgPlate and frame filter machine

Type 2: Above 1tph list of palm oil processing equipment

666.jpgSmall scale complete palm oil production line

Another one is a complete palm oil line suitable for processing 1 ton per hour and above. Its list of palm oil processing equipment consists of sterilization, threshing, digesting, pressing and filtering sections.

1. Sterilizer: the main equipment in the sterilization section is the sterilizer, which inhibits the enzymatic activity through high temperature and prevents the increase of fatty acids to ensure the quality of the crude oil. In this process, there are also transfer equipment such as winches and scrapers. According to the processing capacity and process, the sterilization tank can be divided into boiling sterilization, steaming sterilization and vertical steam sterilization.

700-283棕榈杀酵设备.jpgSterilizing tank

2. Thresher: the core equipment of the threshing section is the rotary drum thresher, which is mainly used to remove the palm fruits from the palm fruit bunches. The fruit removal rate can reach 98%.

700-604棕榈脱果机.jpgPalm fruit thresher

3.Digester: the digesting section mainly uses the digester, which is designed to crush the palm fruit in advance to reduce the working pressure of the press and improve the working efficiency.

700-450立式和卧式捣碎设备.jpgHorizontal and vertical digester

4. Presser: the double screw palm oil press is mainly used. The residual oil rate of this press can be less than 6%.

700-450棕榈榨油机5.jpgPalm oil press machine

5. Oil clarification section: for the filtration stage, the main equipment is the rotary vibrating screen, which is used to clean up the large and light debris. The oil clarification tank is used to remove the heavier magazines such as stones. Plate and frame filter can be used to remove the fine impurities. Finally, there is the vacuum drying system, which is mainly used to remove the water from the crude oil so that the palm oil can have a longer shelf life.

700-406棕榈油过滤流程.jpgMachines used for oil clarification section

The above two types of list of palm oil processing equipment are suitable for small scale production lines. Henan Glory Company can provide list of processing equipment from small to large scale. If you have more information, please feel free to contact us, we have a team of professional engineers who can provide you with customized solutions.

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