What are the equipments needed for palm oil processing machine?

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There are three different technology to extract oil from palm fruit:simple palm oil processing technology,dry type palm oil processing technology and standard palm oil processing technology. Different budget and scale of palm oil mill, you can chose different palm oil processing technology for this palm oil processing project.

Simple technology: suitable for small capacity,especially people in Africa,where the palm plantations is small,and mostly owned by farmers. But this palm oil extraction technology is early technology, and now our technology has been updated.

palm oil production lineSimple type palm oil processing machine

Dry type technology: suitable for medium capacity,like 5-15T/H.cost effective and easy to start.

dry type palm oil machineDry type palm oil processing machine

Standard technology: this is same with Malaysia technology.suitable for Southeast Asia,and big palm plantations.

Standard palm oil projectStandard palm oil processing machine as the same with Malaysia palm oil processing plant

No matter what palm oil processig technology you chose,nomally a whole palm oil processing production line must includes the following process:

Here is the process of 1t/h palm oil mill: FFB---Sterilizing ---Threshing---Pressing---Filtration---CPO

palm oil production process flow chartPalm oil production process flow chart 

*Sterilizing: Use hot water to boil palm fruit to prevent FFA increase and make the fruit soften.

*Threshing: Thresh the palm fruit from FFB.

In first choice: Use New-type thresher and easy for sterilizing

In second choice: Use Drum thresher and can thresh FFB after sterilizing clearly.

*Pressing: Use continuous screw palm oil press machine to press crude palm oil from palm fruit.

*Filtration: Use plate filter to get the large impurities out.

*CPO: The final oil is crude palm oil and can be edible directly or further refining.

If you want to start with a palm oil processing machine.first please check the market of FFB(Fresh palm fruit bunches),palm oil etc.find a site for this palm oil processing project.then write a business plan according to your research.then check the cost of palm oil processing machine ,and caculate a rough budget for this project.

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