Palm oil production process

Generally, there are 4 sections for crude palm oil production process: palm oil extraction process, palm kernel oil extraction process, palm oil refining process, palm oil fractionation process. among of them,palm oil extraction process is the most frequently applied process to make palm oil. This article provides an overview of the production process of palm oil, refined palm oil.

palm oil production machine Palm oil production machine

1. Palm oil extraction process


Palm oil extraction process is important section of palm oil production process, palm oil extraction machine consists of a series of palm oil machine, they are palm fruit sterilizing machine, palm fruit threshing machine , palm fruit digesting & pressing machine, crude palm oil clarification machine, palm oil drying machine and so on.

Palm oil extraction process introduction:

Palm fruit steilizing machine can make FFB soft,get more oil yield and make it easy for seaparating palm fruit; Palm fruit threshing machine can separate palm fruit from the fruit bunch through strong vibration. Palm fruit digesting machine can destroy the cellular structure of palm fruit and make it good for palm oil pressing machine . After palm oil pressing machine, we can get crude palm oil and the mixture of fiber and kernel.The crude palm oil would processed by crude palm oil clarification machine to get pure crude palm oil. The mixture of fiber and kernel will be sent to palm kernel oil extraction process for further processing. In a word, palm oil extraction process is an essential process which influences final oil quality. [Recommend reading: Palm oil mill process]

Palm oil extraction process flow chart:

palm oil extraction processPalm oil extarction process flow chart

Palm oil extraction machine photos:

palm oil extraction machinePalm oil extraction machine photos

2.Palm kernel oil extraction process:


The full set of palm kernel oil extraction process include husking,crushing,cooking,pressing and oil filtration. After this process, we can get crude palm kernel oil.

Palm kernel oil extraction process introduction:

The mixture of fiber and kernel first be sent to palm kernel polishing machine to remove fiber, then the palm nuts will be sent to palm nuts cracaking and separating machine to get pure palm kernel . After this, palm kernel will through cleaning proces, crushing process, softening process, falking process, cooking process, then be sent to palm kernel oil expeller to squeeze out palm kernel oil. [Recommend reading: Palm kernel oil processing machine ]

Palm kernel oil extraction process flow chart:

palm kernel oil extarction process Palm kernel oil extraction process flow chart

Palm kernel oil extraction machine photos:

palm kernel oil extraction machine Palm kernel oil erxtraction machine photos

3. Palm oil refining process:


Palm oil refining process is another important process in palm oil production process. After palm oil refining machine, the palm oil can reach standard edible oil. [Related reading: Palm oil refining machine ]

Palm oil refining process introduction:

▬ First , hydrated degumming, mainly is to remove phosphatide inside crude palm oil in order to reduce oil loss and improve quality of oil .

▬ Second, alkali refining, using alkali to neutralize free fatty acid with by-product of soapstock ,which is used for making soap.

▬ Third, decoloration using bleaching clay to absorb darker colorant inside crude oil.

▬ Fourth, deodorization is using high temparature to remove the impurities with bad smell .

Palm oil refining process flow chart:

palm oil refining process Palm oil refining process flow chart

Palm oil refining machine photos:

palm oil refining machinePalm oil refining machine photos

4.Palm oil fractionation process:


Palm oil fractionation process is not necessary for palm oil production process. Palm oil fractionation process is designed to separate palm oil into two fractions, Olein and Stearin.

Palm oil fractionation process introduction:

• Preheating the feed stock to give a homogenous mass with nil solids.

• Crystallisation under preset controlled conditions of temperature & agitation to form stable, uniform sized filterable crystals.

• Filtering on membrane press filter to separate the solid/liquid fractions.

Palm oil fractionation process flow chart:

palm oil fractionation processPalm oil fractionation process flow chart

Palm oil fractionation plant photos:

palm oil fractionation plantPalm oil fractionation plant

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