PKO processing machine

pko processing machine

Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) Processing Machine
Oil palm is the main oil crop in the tropical and subtropical region. Palm fruit is the most productive oil in the world. Palm pulp has 46 % ~ 50 % oil and palm kernel has 45 % ~ 50 % of oil. The oil extracted from palm fruit is called Palm Oil (PO), while, the oil obtained from palm kernel is called Palm Kernel Oil (PKO). They are two distinct oils and the extraction processes are also different. Below is the detailed information about how to extraction pko from palm kernel.

The full set of Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) Processing Machine include husking,crushing,cooking,pressing and oil
palm kernel oil processing machine
Palm kernel oil processing machine

Related parameters of palm kernel oil (pko)processing machine
Oil Capacity: 1 ~ 1000 Tons/Day
Oil Yield: >45%
Oil Residual in Cake: <6%
palm kernel & shell cracking and separating machine
Palm kernel & shell cracking and separating machine

Palm kernel & shell cracking and separating machine
Palm kernel and palm shell are obtained through the palm kernel & shell cracking and separating machine. Normally, the shell can be used as fuel in the boiler system. Palm kernel & shell cracking and separating machine can improve the oil yield of pko, at the same time, improve the quality of pko and oil cake, minimize damages and maximize the effective production capacity of pko processing machine.

The palm kernel after husking process is big in size, which will cause much damages for pko processing machine if it is processed directly. Therefore, it is necessary to crush palm kernel into small piece so as to meet the requirements of palm kernel oil extraction. The main machine for palm kernel is rod-toothed crusher.

The main purpose of cooking in pko processing machine is to completely destroy the cell of palm kernel by the effect of water and moisture, make protein denaturation, gather oil, reduce the oil viscosity and surface tension, adjust elasticity and plasticity of material and passivate enzymes. The main machine for palm kernel cooking is steam cooker.
palm kernel oil pressing machine
Palm kernel oil pressing machine

The oil is extracted from pretreated palm kernel through mechanical forces. Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine is divided into two types: special palm kernel oil press and conventional oil press.

The quality of palm kernel oil obtained through above pko processing machine steps is high and enough to reach the standard of cooking oil. If there are special requirements, the palm kernel oil needs to be refined at professional Palm Kernel Oil Refining Machine.

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