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Oil palm is the main oil crop in the tropical and subtropical region. Palm fruit is the most productive oil in the world. Palm pulp has 46 % ~ 50 % oil and palm kernel has 45 % ~ 50 % of oil. The oil extracted from palm fruit is called Palm Oil (PO), while, the oil obtained from palm kernel is called Palm Kernel Oil (PKO). They are two distinct oils and the extraction processes are also different. Below is the detailed information about how to extract pko from palm kernel.

palm kernel oil mill plantLarge scale palm kernel oil mill plant

The full set of Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) Processing Machine includes husking, cleaning, crushing, flaking, cooking, pressing and oil filtration, as following shows:

palm kernel oil production processPalm kernel oil production process

Related parameters of palm kernel oil (pko)processing machine

Processing Capacity: 1 ~ 1000 Tons/Day(Small, medium or large size all is ok)
Oil Yield: >45%
Oil Residual in Cake: <6%
Extraction method: Mechanical physical pressing method
Main equipment: Palm kernel cracking and separating machine, palm kernel cleaning machine, palm kernel crushing machine, palm kernel cooking machine, palm kernel oil pressing machine and crude palm kernel oil filter machine.

Main equipment used in palm kernel oil production process:

1, Palm kernel cracking and separating machine

If your raw material is palm nuts, you need to use professional palm kernel cracking and separating machine to process palm nuts first to get pure palm kernel.

The operation of palm kernel cracking and separating can help us minimize the wear and tear of the machine and maximize the effective production capacity of pko processing machine. In addition, it also helps to improve the yield of palm kernel oil and the quality of palm kernel cake.

palm kernel cracking and separating systemPalm kernel cracking and separating system

2, Palm kernel cleaning machine

Cleaning is one of the important steps of large scale palm kernel oil mill plant, it mainly used to clean palm kernel and remove impurities, which can influence the quality of the finished oil and machine service life directly. This section usually includes vibrating cleaning screen, gravity stoner, magnetic selection, etc.

3. Palm kernel crushing machine

Due to the size of palm kernel is big, which will cause much damages for pko processing machine if it is processed directly. Therefore, it is necessary to use palm kernel crushing machine to crush palm kernel into small piece, so as to meet the requirements of palm kernel oil extraction.

4, Palm kernel flaking machine

Flaking machine presses palm kernel from granulous to laminar, which breaks cell tissue of oil seeds and creates beneficial condition for cooking. Flaking also makes oil flows out smoothly, which is one of the important steps of extracting palm kernel oil out.

palm kernel flaking machinePalm kernel flaking machine

5, Palm kernel cooking machine

The main purpose of cooking in pko processing machine is to completely destroy the cell of palm kernel by adjusting the temperature, humidity and moisture of the palm kernel, make protein denaturation, gather oil, reduce the oil viscosity and surface tension, adjust elasticity and plasticity of material. All these changes makes oil easy to isolate and also enhance crude oil quality. The main machine for palm kernel cooking is steam cooker.

6, Palm kernel oil pressing machine

After a series of preparations above, the palm kernel has been adjusted to the best state before pressing. At this time, we need to use the professional palm kernel oil pressing machine to extract oil from the material through mechanical forces.

palm kernel oil press machinePalm kernel oil press machine

7, Palm kernel oil filtration/purification machine

The quality of palm kernel oil obtained through above pko production steps is not high and enough to reach the standard of cooking oil. So we usually need to use palm kernel oil filtration/purification machine to remove some impurities in crude palm kernel oil.

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