Palm kernel oil milling machine

We are professional manufacturer of palm kernel oil milling machine,we can offer complete solutions of palm kernel oil milling to palm kernel oil refining. We manufacture unique Palm Kernel Oil Milling machine to extract the palm kernels and obtain the pure and natural palm kernel oil.
palm kernel oil mill plant
Palm kernel oil milling machine

We are leading suppliers and exporters of palm kernel oil milling machine. The complete array of machines and equipments give excellent extracting efficiency. The palm kernel oil milling machine will include the palm nut cracker machine also which is a part of seed preparatory section. The palm kernels are conditioned and cooked properly so that they are ready for easy crushing. The palm kernel oil is obtained as the final output. The filter press will filter and make the oil clean and clear. The kernel oil can be then packed in bottles of 1 liter or 2 liters as per the need.
palm kernel oil refining machine
Palm kernel oil refining machine

The smallest palm kernel oil milling machine is of capacity 3tons per day and the biggest plant can be of 2000tons per day. The client can select the capacity as per the requirement. The complete set of palm kernel oil milling  machine is designed as per international quality standards to ensure energy efficiency, higher output and continuous production.

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