Palm oil procesing line: palm oil pressing line & palm oil refininery line

Palm oil is currently the world's largest vegetable oil variety in terms of production, consumption and international trade. Palm oil processing line is also praised by investors because of tits high demand, wide sales market, and high profits features.

The entire palm oil processing line has two branch lines, including palm oil pressing line and palm oil refining production line. Here Henan Glory make a detailed introduction about the palm oil processing line to help investors learn more about it and put into palm oil processing at ease.

palm oil processing machine Palm oil pressing machine and palm oil refining machine

1.Palm oil pressing line

Palm oil pressing line refers to the palm oil production process to extract crude palm oil out from fresh palm fruit bunches(FFB). The standard palm oil production process mainly includes seven steps.

palm oil pressing processPalm oil pressing process

(1)Raw materials reception: Collect the FFB and convey them by trucks, then pour the fluster into the discharge door after weighed. Open the gate of the discharge door, then the palm fruits will fall into the FFB conveyor.

(2)Sterilizing: Boil the palm fruit for about 60mins by injecting 0.3MPa direct steam into the sterilizer. The purpose is to break the enzymes in fruit and to avoid the increasing of the FFA content in oil. At the same time, the high temperature makes the fruits soften, it’s easy for fruit threshing. ( Related reading: Horizontal sterilizer, vertical sterilizer and tilting sterilizer )

(3)Threshing: Adopts drum type thresher to separate the palm fruit from FFB. On one hand, it prevents the empty palm fruit bunch from adsorbing oil to reduce the palm oil yield and wearing equipment; on the other hand, the empty palm fruit bunch can be recycled.

palm fruit thresherPalm fruit thresher machine

(4)Digesting: Use high temperature to soften the palm fruit and crush the palm fruit so that the pulp and nut can be separated and the palm oil yield can be increased.

(5)Pressing: Adopt palm oil expeller to press the palm fruit pulp and extract the palm oil out. (Related reading: 1tph, 5tph, 10tph, 15tph double screw palm oil press machine)

palm oil pressing machineScrew palm oil press machine

(6)Clarification: Use the palm oil clarification machine to filter&purify obtained palm oil and remove the impurities in it to obtain crude palm oil.

(7)Mixture of fiber and nut recovery: The mixture of fiber and nut can not only be used as fuel and fertilizer, but also can be used to extract palm kernel oil.

The machines used in the palm oil pressing line includes steriliizer, thresher, digester, palm oil expeller, vibrating screen, plate filter, etc. Click to know more: What are the purchase schemes for palm oil processing equipment that suitable for different processing scales?

2.Palm oil refinery line

There are still some impurities in the crude palm oil, such as phospholipids, FFA, pigment, odor, etc. In order to get rid of the harmful impurities and needless substance and improve the oil storage stability, flavor and color, we may refine the crude palm oil into standard quality edible palm oil. The palm oil refinery line mainly consists of four parts: (Related reading: Palm oil refinery steps

palm oil refining processPalm oil refining process

(1)Degumming: Adopt hydration degumming and special acid degumming method to remove phospholipids impurities contained in crude palm oil.

(2)Deacidification: Add NaOH solution to neutralize the free fatty acids in the crude palm oil to improve the stability and flavor of palm oil.

(3)Decolorization: Remove the pigment in the crude palm oil so that the palm oil is more clear and transparent.

(4)Deodorization: Adopt steam distillation way to remove unacceptable odors by making use of the volatility differences of odorous substances.

The machine used in the palm oil refinery line is palm oil refinery machine. And there are mainly three types of palm oil refinery machine can be chose from. Click to know more: How to choose suitable cooking oil refining machine for making cooking oil?

palm oil refining machineThree different types of palm oil refining machine

No matter which palm oil processing line branch you want to invest, Henan Glory company can customize you suitable palm oil processing machine according to your investment budget and processing requirements. Our professional machine manufacturing team, engineer team and technical installation team will give you comprehensive support to help you smoothly invest in palm oil processing business. Welcome to contact us to get the free quotation if interested!

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