Palm oil refinery steps

Palm oil refinery steps is a complex processes. After a series of palm oil refinery steps, we can get target end product rbd palm oil. Next you will see the whole palm oil refinery process and palm oil refinery steps.

palm oil refinery plant Small scale palm oil refinery plant

Palm oil refinery technology is mature technology in China. As a professional manufacturer of palm oil refinery plant, we can supply palm oil refinery plant with different capacity. Users can choose palm oil refinery plant according to the budget and production capacity.

Crude palm oil refinery process flow chart:

crude palm oil →degumming & deacidification → decolorization → deodorization → Product palm oil

palm oil refinery processPalm oil refinery process flow diagram

Steps of refining process of palm oil are as follows:

First, put the crude palm oil into oil refining tank, stirring quickly, and simultaneously heating by steam. And then add the hot water. It is the most important stage in palm oil refinery steps, you should manage the water amount, temperature and water adding speed. At the same time, alkali is added to remove the FFA.

Next, alkali is added in the palm oil refining tank to remove the FFA. NaOH, not only used to neutralize free fatty acid, but also can act with other materials in oil , like, protein, mucilage, phospholipid, pigment, etc. All in all, alkali refining has the synthetic action of de-acid, degum, de-impurity,

Then, Inhaling the definite quantity de-coloring agent (active clay, active carbon) into the oil by vacuum, then they are continue stirred and heated for 25mins. After pumping the oil and clay mixture into vibrating filter of palm oil refinery process to remove the waste clay, the de-colorization is finished.

Final, the decolorized palm oil was pumped to the deodorization pot or the deodorization tower, it’s begin to heat. when the temperature reaches above100℃, the direct steam is added to take the odors away.

After all of these, the palm oil should be cooled in vacuum cooling tank. When the temperature is nearly 80℃, it can be transferred to another container, then we got the refined bleached deodorized palm oil also named rbd palm oil. Small scale palm oil refinery plant photos:

palm oil refinery plant Small scale palm oil refinery plant

This is just a brief introduction of palm oil refinery process, detail information about palm oil refinery technology and palm oil refinery process flow chart, Customers need to contact engineers, welcome to contact us!

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