1tpd stainless steel electric heating palm oil refinery plant

1tpd stainless steel electric heating palm oil refinery plant belongs to micro palm oil refining machine, it mainly suitable for small scale cooking oil factory. The whole electric heating palm oil refinery plant has four tanks: two refinery tank, one decolorization tank, and one deodorization tank. The material of all tanks are made by stainless steel.

electric heating palm oil refinery plant

Specification information of electric heating palm oil refinery plant:

Material: stainless steel
Daily processing capacity: 1 ton per day(1000kg per day)
Suitable object: all kinds of vegetable oil, all kinds of animal oil, all kinds of cooking oil,and so on.
Heat source: electric heating energy saving and environmental protection type (frequency conversion, automatic temperature control)
Voltage: 220-440V, 3 phase
After-sales service: Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Video technical support, Online support, Engineers available to service machinery overseas.


The function of these four tanks are as below:

1.Two refinery tanks: The function of refinery tanks is used to remove the gum and free fatty acid (FFA) in the crude palm oil through acid refining, alkali refining and water washing methods.

2.Decolorization tank: The function of decolorization tank is to remove the color pigments contained in oils. Because the crude oil is dark color, decolorization will make the oil become clear and light color by using white soil adsorption method.

3.Deodorization tank: The function of this deodorization tank is to remove disagreeable flavor and odors that are naturally present or created during refining processing under high temperature.

Refining process of 1tpd stainless steel electric heating palm oil refinery plant is as follows:

palm oil refining processPalm oil refining process flow chart

The detailed refining steps of 1tpd stainless steel electric heating palm oil refinery plant is as below:

●Step 1: The crude oil will be filled in the first tank by pump, and then add the phosphoric acid and alkali, the gum and soapstock will settle in the bottom of refinery tank. After standing for a period of time, we can open the valve to discharge the soapstock.

The function of two refinery tanks is same, they work together to match the behind refining processing.

●Step 2: After degumming and deacidification process, the refined oil will be transported to decolorization tank for further processing.

During deolorization process, we use the white clay to absorb the color, and then use the leaf filter to separate the waste clay and decolorized cooking oil. This filter is automatic, you don't need to discharge the waste clay by manual.

●Step 3: The final processing step is deodorization, this part mainly adopts the steam distillation principle to remove the bad smells in decolorized cooking oil, this operation is carried out under high temperature and high vacuum conditions. Due to the temperature in this step is more than 200 degree, the material of deodorization tank must be stainless steel.

palm oil refinery plantSmall scale palm oil refinery plant

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