30-500tpd palm oil refining machine

palm oil refining process
Palm oil refining process(from crude palm oil to refined palm oil machine)

Our 30-500tpd palm oil refining machine can process various kinds of crude oil.Palm oil refining is a step by step process.30-500tpd palm oil refining machine including a series of refining processes which are aim to remove phospholipids, FFA, pigment, gums, waxes, off-flavor and other impurities from crude edible oil.
30-500tpd palm oil refining machine is bit expensive than batch type palm oil refining machine but it provides superior quality refined oil along with
automation system and low processing cost.

Henan Doing Company is a leading designer, manufacturer and exporter of state of the 30-500tpd palm oil refining machine . 30-500tpd palm oil refining machine is very essential that the crude oil obtained from oil press workshop and solvent extraction workshop get refined in the vegetable oil refinery plants before it is utilized directly. Our 30-500tpd palm oil refining machine gives color uniformity and appealing quality to the oil by removing unpleasant smell and undesirable factors from the oil.

Our high-tech 30-500tpd palm oil refining machine finds an extensive application for all types of crude oil like cotton seed, soyabean, sunflower, palm oil, rice bran oil etc.
 palm oil refining machine
Plam oil degumming & deacidification machine
palm oil refining machine
Palm oil deodorization machine

Process Description for 30-500tpd palm oil refining mahcine:
Continuous refinery line comprises of the following different processes:

        Degumming or Pretreatment Section
        Neutralizing Section
        Bleaching Section
        Deodorizing Section
        Dewaxing section
palm oil refining process
Palm oil refining process

Degumming Section:
This is the first step in refining and is also known as the Pretreatment Process. In the degumming process of 30-500tpd palm oil refining machine, the gums are precipitated and separated by the centrifugal separation technique. If the gum content in the oil is low, only gum-conditioning is required to be done and there is no need to go for separate degumming process. The degumming can be carried out in the same neutralization vessel.
Neutralizing Section :
Every cooking oil consists certain amounts of free-fatty acids FFA's that increase the rancidity in oil and is harmful for human consumption. In neutralization, the FFA's are removed by reacting them with caustic soda- NaOH in the neutralizer at a certain temperature and performing the stirring. In this way, FFA gets separated in the form of soap stock. Henan Doing Company offers neutralization units.
Bleaching Section :
The color pigments in the oil are removed in the bleaching process. The neutralized oil is treated with certain chemicals like activated earth which removes the color from the cooking oil. This process is also carried out under temperature. The bleached oil is then filtered so that the added chemicals and particles are separated from the oil.
Deodorizing Section :
The deodorization is an important process in the
30-500tpd palm oil refining machine. This process is used to remove the odor from the oil. Every oil contains certain typical natural color.
During the previous processes, certain unwanted odor is applied on the oils. The deodorization process removes this odiferous material. It is carried out under high temperature and vacuum systems. At the completion of the process, we get the deodorized-odorless cooking oil.

Featured advantages of 30-500tpd palm oil refining machine:
◆Advanced crude palm oil refining machine configuration and precise equipment manufacturing
◆Automatic control system
◆Excellent technical and economical indicators
◆Meeting customers’ different palm oil refining requirements at home and abroad
◆30-500tpd palm oil refining machine covers entire processing line of degumming and deacidification, blenching, deodorization and fractionation.

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