Palm oil extraction machine

Palm oil extraction machine is similar with palm kernel oil extraction machine, sunflower oil extraction machine and cottonseed oil extraction machine etc, the palm oil extraction machine adopts the pre-pressed oil extraction. The choice of palm oil extraction machine process and palm oil extraction machine will effect oil quality, production consumption, oil yield etc, so it's very important to choose one advanced and reasonable palm oil extraction process with good combination of palm oil machine.

rotocel extractor
palm oil extraction machine

Palm oil extraction machine process:
1.Oil extraction
Palm oil extraction machine is solvent oil extractor, there are many different types; oil extraction tanks, rotocel oil extractor ,loop type oil extractor, towline oil extractor etc.
2. Wet meal desolventizing and drying
After oil extractor, wet meal contains about 25-35% solvent. In order to recover this solvent and get high quality meal , using high temperature steam to evaporate solvent .
3. Mixed oil evaporation and stripping
After oil extractor, mixed oil contains solvent , which need evaporate . Evapotation is using different boiling point between oil and solvent to make solvent transform into gas evaporated.
4. Solvent condensing and cooling
Use condenser to make the cake cool.

palm oil extraction plant

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