Palm oil extraction machine

Generally speaking, the palm oil extraction is obtained crude palm oil through a series of processes from the palm fruit bunches. Palm oil extraction machine often includes sterilizer, thresher, digester, presser and oil clarification section.

Below shows machines needed to be used and Henan Glory Company can provide according to the process of palm oil extraction.

700-427棕榈压榨.jpgPalm oil processing equipment

FFB(palm fruit bunches)--Sterilizer--Thresher--Digester--Screw press--Vibrating screen/Oil clarification tank/Plate and frame filter--Crude palm oil.

1. Sterilizer: There are three types of sterilizers to choose in palm oil extraction machine. Boiled in the sterilizer tank can increase the humidity of the fruit, beneficial to the separation of the fruit, and at the same time help prevent the increase of free fatty acid (FFA), reducing the acidity.

700-500杀酵罐15_副本.jpgPalm fruit sterilizer

2. Thresher: Henan Glory Company can provide three types of thresher, with capacity of simple type 500kg/h and drum type from 1-2t/h to 15t/h. The function of thresher in palm oil extraction machine is mainly for separating palm fruit from palm fruit bunches.

700-427棕榈脱果机.jpgPalm fruit thresher

3. Digester: Two types of steamer, horizontal and vertical, can be selected according to demand. The digester is for breaking up the palm pulp to achieve better effect of palm oil extraction.

700-450立式和卧式捣碎设备.jpgPalm fruit digester

4. Presser: There are two kinds of screw palm oil press machine for people to choose, single screw palm oil press machine and double screw palm oil press machine. The function of presser in palm oil extraction machine is to extract palm oil from palm fruit.

700-525棕榈榨油机1.jpgScrew palm oil press

5. Oil Clarification Section: The filtration stage in palm oil extraction machine is usually arranged as a vibrating screen, and the crude oil clarification tank and a plate filter. The purpose is to obtain cleaner crude palm oil through filtering different impurities from crude palm oil. Simultaneously use a vacuum drying system to evaporate excess water for temporary storage.

700-406棕榈油过滤流程.jpgPalm oil clarification equipment

The above just have an introduction to the most commonly used machines in palm oil extraction. Henan Glory Company can not only provide single machine in palm oil extraction machine, but also have professional engineers assist design and layout production line. If you have any need in palm oil extraction machine, welcome to inquire us.

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