1-2tph mini palm oil processing machine

Due to the low investment cost of mini palm oil processing machine, very suitable for households, home workshops or small factories, and its simple and complete functions make the mini palm oil processing machine very popular, especially in some African countries. Besides, the use of mini palm oil processing machine can not only reduce labor cost consumption, but also improve production efficiency. If you want to improve palm oil production efficiency, but don't want to invest much, the mini palm oil processing machine is the best choice for you.

The mini palm oil processing machine is mainly composed of a simple palm fruit thresher, a screw palm oil press and a plate and frame filter.

The main device of mini palm oil processing machine are as follows:

mini palm oil processing machinesThe main device of mini palm oil processing machine

Simple type palm fruit threshing machine:

Simple type palm fruit threshing machine is a kind of machine that is used for separating palm fruit from palm fruit bunches in palm oil production process. This machine can greatly improve the production efficiency. The common processing capacity of simple type palm fruit threshing machine 0.5-2 tons per hour.

simple type thresherSimple type palm fruit threshing machine

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Screw palm oil press machine:

The major function of screw palm oil press machine is to extract palm oil from palm fruit. As for mini palm oil processing machine, there two kinds of screw palm oil press machine for people to choose, one is 500kg/h screw palm oil press machine, the other is 1-2tph double screw palm oil press machine. We can choose according to our actual requirement.

screw palm oil press machinescrew palm oil press machine

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Plate and frame filter:

Plate and frame filter is an important filter device. Plate and frame filter is used for separating solids and liquids in palm oil production process. After the processing of plate and frame filter, we can get high quality and cleaner palm oil.

plate and frame fliter machinePlate and frame filter machine

Features of mini palm oil processing machine:

1. Compared with manual fruit threshing, the simple type threshing machine has better fruit threshing effect, faster efficiency and lower labor cost. Beside, It requires less investment than a drum type thresher.

2. In terms of material, our screw presses are made of 2Cr13, wear-resistant alloy steel, integrated casting process, and have a service life of 1000 hours. While carbon steel is routinely used, the life span is about one month, and our machines can be used for half a year with normal maintenance.

3. In terms of design, the pressure of our oil press comes from the simultaneous action of the front screw and the rear reducer to produce extrusion, which can achieve the best pressing effect.

4. In detail, our screw presses will be polished before leaving the factory to ensure the smoothness of the screw presses and prevent the material from being blocked due to the roughness of the screw presses, which ensures the smoothness and efficiency of the machine to a certain extent. In addition, we have two kinds of power system diesel and electric motor, which can meet the power needs of different regions.

5. On the pressure regulating equipment, our 1 ton press machine is equipped with a hydraulic pump station (the pressure is 100Mpa) and a hydraulic cylinder, which can generate a pressure that can reach a processing capacity of 1-2 tons. In addition, the spring pressure can be adjusted, and the pressure in the chamber can be detected in real time and adjusted in time.

6. The plate and frame filter uses filter cloth to filter various impurities in the grease layer by layer. Impurities form a filter cake, which can also take away part of the water and discharge it through the filter to ensure oil quality.

7. The production line is semi-automatic, small footprint, and can be expanded to adapt to the machine.

8. This set of equipment is easy to operate, install and maintain. It can be easily moved from one place to another, so as to achieve flexible production.

Henan Glory Company has been committed to the research and development and design of palm machines for many years. Among them, single machines such as threshing machines and presses can be used alone or purchased according to your output needs or can be used in conjunction with the production line. We can also provide large, medium, small and mini palm oil processing machines and palm kernel oil processing machines for people to choose from. Moreover, our engineers can help customers design production lines, provide installation services and guide the use of machines, truly achieve personalized services, and meet customers' all-round needs for palm oil production. If you are new to palm oil processing industry or want to get free quotation and equipment price list, you can consult us and we will try our best to provide you with the best service.

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