Automatic palm oil milling machine

According to the actual needs of customers, Henan Doing Company can provide large, medium and small automatic palm production lines to choose. The main milling machines included in the production line are thresher, sterilizing tanks, digesting tanks, screw oil presses, vibrating screen, oil clarification tank and plate and frame filter.

automatic palm oil milling machineAn automatic palm oil milling line

Small automatic palm oil milling machines is suitable for 1-5t/h processing capacity and medium and large automatic palm oil milling machines is used for processing capacity from10t/h to 120t/h.

The main machines required for an automatic palm oil milling line are as follows.

FFB(palm fruit bunches)--Sterilizing tank--Thresher--Digester--Screw press--vibrating screen/oil clarification tank/plate and frame filter--Crude palm oil.

palm oil processing machinesThe main machines required in the palm oil milling line

1.FFB:It means fresh palm fruit bunches, you can get FFB from palm plantation.

plm plantationFresh palm fruit bunches

2.There are three types of sterilizers to choose from in palm oil milling machines. All use high temperature of 145°C to soften and sterilize the fruit bunches. First, Boiled sterilization tank and Cooking sterilizing tank. The former directly burns hot water to generate steam for heating, and the sterilization time is 90-120 minutes; the latter is heated by steam, and the fermentation time is 60-90 minutes. Another is a vertical steam sterilization tank, which is heated by a peripheral heating coil, which is more efficient and has a sterilization time of 60-90 minutes.

Vertical sterilizerA vertical sterilization tank

3.Thresher in palm oil milling machines is mainly for separating palm fruit from palm fruit bunches. About thresher, we adopt drum thresher machine, generally 2.5 meters long, which is beneficial to get better effect of threshing. After threshing, you can get palm fruit and empty palm fruit bunches. Palm fruit will be sent the following palm oil milling machines empty palm fruit bunches can be as fertilizer for agricultural land or be sent to boiler as fuel.

Fruit ThresherA kind of palm fruit thresher

4.Digester in palm oil milling machines is crushing palm pulp and break the cell of pulp, and it is equipped with a steam coil on the outside, which is steamed again while steaming. There are horizontal and vertical digesting tanks, and currently the vertical type is used more because the mashing effect is better.

horizontal and vertical digesterComparison of vertical and horizontal digester

5.Presser in palm oil milling machines often use double-screw press machine. In terms of material, our screw press adopts 2Cr13, wear-resistant alloy steel, integrated casting process, and has a service life of 1000 hours. The pressure of the oil press comes from the simultaneous action of the front screw and the rear reducer, and is equipped with a hydraulic pump station (pressure is 100Mpa) and a hydraulic cylinder. The spring pressure can be adjusted, and the pressure in the cavity can be detected in real time and adjusted in time, so as to achieve optimum pressing effect.

double screw presserDisplay picture of screw oil presser

6.Clarifying and filtering machines are mainly for removing some impurities. The crude palm oil can be gotten by sedimentation, filteration and separation, using vibrating screen, oil clarification tank and plate and frame filter.

vibrating screen, oil clarification tank and plate and frame filterDisplay picture of vibrating screen, oil clarification tank and plate and frame filter

Henan Doing Company company has a manufacturing team, a professional engineer team and sales team. Our palm oil milling machines are sold to many countries and we have helped many countries to build palm production plants, and have completed many large palm oil mills such as 45 tph, 60 tph, 80 tph in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries. Helping many African customers and South Asian customers have established 1tph, 10tph, 15tph and other palm oil milling productions. In conclusion, we can provide different types of palm oil milling machines, ranging from single machines to automatic production lines with large, medium and small combined with supporting facilities, and even automatic refining equipment. If you need any palm oil related machines, please contact us.

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