Palm fruit sterilization station

Palm fruit sterilization station utilizes high temperature (145℃, 90-120min) to cook palm bunches. Palm fruit can easily separate from palm bunches and become soft. Owing to increasing humidity of palm fruit, crude palm oil can be easily extracted from fruit. Palm kernel core can much easy separate from kernel shell, preventing enzymatic decomposition, and avoid elevated levels of free fatty acids.

Horizontal palm fruit sterilizer
palm fruit sterilizing workshop
Palm fruit sterilizing workshop

Processing flow of palm fruit sterilization station during palm oil processing machine:
Rail car brings raw material from reception station into the palm fruit sterilization station. Open steam system to make high temperature sterilization to kill the yeast in raw material, destroys esterase activity, then send to the next station of threshing station.

palm fruit boiler

1tph palm fruit boiler

But vertical sterilizer machine and horizontal sterilizer machine are suitble for big capacity palm oil mill project.For the small scale palm oil mill project ,we can offer boiler to achive the purpose of sterilizing.Whose capacity is 1-2-3-5-10tph.

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