Small scale palm oil processing equipment

As most oil palms are located in rural and remote areas, poor road network in rural areas can affect the transportation of FFBs from palm plantations to palm oil processing plants. In order to break the transportation restrictions of palm fruit and reduce the production cost and possible losses caused by fruit corruption, it is a good choice to buy small scale palm oil processing equipment to open a local palm factory in this case.

To help farmers better solve the above problem, Henan Glory Company designed this small palm oil processing equipment. A single oil press or a simple small scale palm oil processing line are good choices.

Single screw oil press

single screw palm oil pressSingle screw palm oil press machine

If the demand for output is not large, we recommend you to use our 500kg/h single-screw palm oil press machine, the screw is made of 2Cr13 wear-resistant alloy steel, and it adopts an integrated casting process. This machine is used for home use and is of good quality and easy to operate, and the investment is small. In addition, this palm oil press has two power systems, diesel and motor, to meet the needs of different regions.

Double screw oil press

double screw palm oil press

The double screw oil press machine can process 1-2 tons of palm fruit per hour, and the end is equipped with a gearbox combined with hydraulic pressure. And it can automatically adjust the pressure of the pressing chamber, the oil yield is high, and it is not easy to be blocked. In addition to 1-2 tons per hour, there are 5tph, 10tph and 15tph. Not only can it be used as a stand-alone machine, but also can be connected to the production line.

Simple palm oil production line

The production line is more automated than a stand-alone machine, the operation is more convenient, and the production efficiency can also be improved. The simple small scale palm oil processing equipment is composed of a simple type thresher, a screw press and a plate filter.

simple type palm oil production lineSimple palm oil production line

Simple type thresher is used to separate palm fruit from bunches of palm fruit. It has the characteristics of low cost and high efficiency.

The screw palm oil press is used to extract the oil from the palm pulp. It has two types to choose from. One is a 500kg/h single-screw palm oil press, with diesel and electric systems for choice. Customers can choose according to local power conditions. The other is 1-2tph double-screw palm oil press, which has a larger processing capacity than single-screw and is more efficient. It has a low residual oil rate and is suitable for production lines.

screw palm oil press machineTwo kinds of screw palm oil press machine

The plate filter is used to filter the suspended impurities in the oil layer by layer, and can also remove part of the water, and form a filter cake to be discharged. Through the plate filter, cleaner crude oil can be obtained.

This small scale palm oil processing equipment is very popular with customers in Africa, West Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Niger, and Ghana. While ensuring that low oil residue can be obtained, it can save a lot of labor and investment costs. Henan Glory Company also has large and medium-sized palm production lines to choose from. If you want to buy palm oil processing equipment, please contact us. We can give you professional advice.

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