Large scale palm oil machine with capacity 60tph 80tph 100tph

Henan Glory Company is a professional palm oil machine manufacturer in China. As an experienced palm oil machine supplier, we have helped many customers successfully set up large scale palm oil mill plant projects and small scale palm oil mill plant projects in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon, etc.

palm oil machineLarge scale palm oil processing machine with capacity 60tph 80tph 100tph

Henan Glory Company is good at providing large, medium and small palm oil machine to help people to extract palm oil. The processing capacity of large scale palm oil machine that we can supply is 30tph, 45tph, 60tph, 80tph, 120tph. The processing capacity of small scale palm oil machine that we can supply is 1tph, 2tph, 3tph, 5tph and so on. Today, I will take the large scale palm oil machine as an example to tell you how is palm oil extracted and processed.

Palm oil machine processing process:

FFB--Sterilizing--Threshing--Digesting--Pressing--Clarification--Crude palm oil

palm oil processing processPalm oil processing process flow chart

Main function of each equipment of large scale palm oil machine:

FFB: FFB is short for fresh fruit bunches, it is the raw material of palm oil mill plant. Usually FFB can be transported to palm oil mill by trucks after been picked.

Sterilizing: During palm oil production process, the most widely used palm fruit sterilizer machine is steam sterilizer. The purpose of this machine is to break the enzymes in fruit, and to avoid the increasing of the FFA content in oil. At the same time, the high temperature can fruit soft, which is helpful for the next threshing station.

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palm fruit sterilizer machinePalm fruit sterilizer machine

Threshing: It is mainly used for separating palm fruit from bunches. The threshing is the second step in all palm oil processing process. Drum type palm fruit thresher machine is the most important equioment.

palm fruti thresher machinePalm fruit thresher machine

Digesting & pressing: Digesting and pressing are two different steps, digesting is aims to mash the palm fruit to palm pulp, which is convenient to destroy the cell of palm fruit and make the palm oil easy flow out. The machine useed in this part is vertical digester machine.

Pressing involves to extract palm oil by using the squeeze of the mechanical force of the double screw palm oil press. After pressing, we can get two kinds of products, the one is crude palm oil, the other is palm nut with fiber. (Recommended reading: 1tph, 5tph, 10tph, 15tph double screw palm oil press machine)

palm oil machinePalm fruit digester machine and palm oil press machine

Clarification: This is the final step of palm oil production process, it is mainly used to remove some fiber, mud or other impurities. This can make crude palm oil cleaner.

Crude palm oil tank: It is used for storing crude palm oil, it is also a necessary palm oil machine, Henan Glory Company can design it according to the customer's need.

Henan Glory Company is experienced in setting up palm oil mill plant, palm kernel oil mill plant and palm oil/ palm kernel oil refinery plant. View our website to find detailed information about palm oil processing machine, palm kernel oil processing machine and other related palm oil mill machinery. Wanted to start your own palm oil processing business and build a customized palm oil mill plant project with low investment? Henan Glory Company will be a good choice.

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