Palm oil filter machine

palm oil filter machine
Palm oil filter machine

Palm oil filter machine widely used in cooking oil industry.In the palm oil production process,palm oil filter machine plays an important role.Palm oil filter machine is a oil
purifier in the oil processing for edible oil or vegetable oils.Palm oil filter machine a oil filtering machine for separating solids and liquids in industries. The palm oil filter machine we supplies is quite suitable for filting crude oil and refined oil, and it can also be used for bleaching oil in the refining process.

palm oil filter machine
Palm oil filter machine

With fine-mesh filter clothes, the palm oil filter machine can be also applies to clean waste water and waste cooking oils. The filtration cloth between the filter plates forms many rooms. The oil under the pressure goes through the filtration cloth, gets out from the faucet beneath the filtration cloth.

Features of palm oil filter machine:
1. Reasonable structure
2. Widely used in differnet kinds of oil processing.
3. Stable performance
4. Easy to operate and maintain

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