Palm oil screw press machine


Palm oil screw press machine is a type of screw oil press machine. It is designed by Henan Glory Company, which is the advanced palm oil processing machinery, characterized by the high oil output rate with good quality, simple design, easy to use and continuous operation. It suit for private user or small scale palm kernel oil mill plant, which can help people extract palm oil out quickly and efficiently.

palm oil press machine500kg/h palm oil screw press machine

Working principle of palm oil screw press machine:

When palm oil screw press machine is on work, we need to put the pre-treated palm fruits into the hopper of palm oil press machine, and then the palm fruits will flow into the pressing chamber. Next the palm oil screw press machine will use pressure and friction from the screw drives to move as well as to compress the palm fruit. After that, the red palm oil is expelled and then seeps through the small openings into a container. (These openings are very small, which can prevent any kind of solid material or residue from the palm fruit to mix with the extracted red palm oil. ) As for the mixture of palm nuts and fibers, it will be discharged from the end of the palm oil screw press machine.

palm oil press machineSmall scale palm oil press machine photos

Technical parameters of palm oil screw press machine;

Capacity(kg/h) 300-500
Main Power(kw) Diesel:8HP Moter:4Kw
Main Shaft Speed 25-35r/min
Boiling Time 2h
Weight(kg) 350
Packed Size(mm) 1500*800*1200

Features of palm oil screw press machine is as follows:

1, Its structure is reasonable, it is easy to operate and maintain;

2, It can be fitted with motor or diesel engine.

3, Its processing capacity is large, it can process palm fruit 8-12 tons per day.

4, The price of palm oil screw press machine is reasonable, most people can afford it;

5, It is easy for people to learn, understand, and operate, because of its small size.(Besides, it is no special requirements for people to operate.)

6, It need little land, only 10-20 ㎡ is enough.

7, Because of its high oil yield, It is popular in Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, etc.

8, Palm oil screw press machine is portable, it can move around easily and change places easily;

palm oil press machineSmall scale palm oil press machine

Related information about palm oil screw press machine:

This small scale palm oil screw press machine can be used alone or equipped with other palm oil machines. When people buy palm oil screw press machine, often consider to buy other palm oil machines by the way, such as palm fruit fruit thresher machine, palm fruit sterilizer machine and crude palm oil filter machine. Maybe you are confused, next i will tell you why they choose like this.

palm oil processing machineThe smallest palm oil production line

1, The raw material of palm oil screw press machine is palm fruits not palm fruit bunches, so we need to get palm fruits first. To get palm fruits, we'd better have a palm fruit thresher machine. Because palm fruit thresher machine can help people quickly separate palm fruit.

2, Before pressing palm fruit, we need to cook the palm fruit first. So palm fruit sterilizer machine is very necessary, on the one hand, it can prevent the increasing of acid value of palm oil, on the other hand, it can soft palm fruit to let palm oil easy extract out and ensure the integrity of the palm nuts. As a professional manufacturer of palm oil machines, we can supply two kinds of palm fruit sterilizer machine, one is water boiling type sterilizer and the other is vertical steam sterilizer. All of these will make the palm fruit to the optimum condition before pressing.

3, Next the most important equipment is palm oil screw press machine. The prepared palm fruit enters the extruding chamber from the hopper and then under the action of external mechanical forces, we can get crude red palm oil.

4, After getting crude palm oil, we can eat it directly or sell it to a oil refinery plant for further processing. But if you want to get high quality palm oil, Henan Glory Company suggest that you can buy a set of crude palm oil filter machine to filter the crude palm oil.

Besides palm oil screw press machine, Doing Machinery also supply 1tph, 5tph, 10tph, 15tph double screw palm oil press machine, 1-15tph small scale palm oil processing machine, 15-45tph medium scale palm oil processing machine and 45-120tph large scale palm oil processing machine and so on. Whatever your needs, we all can customize the most suitable palm oil mill project solution for you. Welcome to contact us.

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