Palm oil screw press machine

palm oil screw press machine The above pictures is 300-500kg/h screw palm oil press machine

Palm oil screw press machine is a type of screw oil press machine. This palm oil screw press machine production capacity is 300-500kg/h. It is popular in Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, etc.

Small palm oil screw press machine structure is reasonable. It is easy to operate and maintain. The small palm oil screw press machine can be fitted with motor or diesel engine. Each day the small palm oil press machine can produce palm oil 8-12T. It is the best selection for small capacity Palm Oil producing customers. The final oil is edible red oil. You can refinery or directly for edible.We also could supply bigger capacity palm fruit oil press machine for whole line palm oil processing plant.

small scale palm oil press machine

Small scale palm oil press machine in our factory Technical parameters of palm oil screw press machine:

Capacity(kg/h) 300-500
Main Power(kw) Diesel:8HP


Main Shaft Speed 25-35r/min
Boiling Time 2h
Weight(kg) 350
Packed Size(mm) 1500*800*1200

Following is a description of how this palm oil screw press machine works:

Boiler: First the separated palm fruit will be send to the cooker, and then steam palm fruit to make it soft and

Digester: The boiled palm fruit will be sent to palm fuit digester machine to crushe to palm fruit pulp. After palm fruit digester machine, the palm oil is easily extract out from screw palm oil press machine.

Palm oil screw press machine: The prepared palm fruit enters the extruding chamber from the hopper and then under the action of external mechanical forces, we can get crude red palm oil.

palm oil screw press machine300-500kg/h small scale palm oil screw press machine

Besides palm oil screw press machine, we also supply 1tph double screw palm oil press machine, 2tph double screw palm oil press machine,and 1-10tph small scale palm oil production machine, 20-45tph medium sized palm oil production machine and large capacity palm oil production machine.

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