What is the most important step in the production process of palm oil?

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As we all know, the complete palm oil production process contains many steps, such as sterilizing, threshing, digesting, pressing, filtering, drying and so on. But what is the most important step in the complete production process of palm oil? No worries, Henan Glory Oils & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd will take you learn about the most important step of palm oil processing plant.

palm oil processing plant Large scale palm oil processing plant

The typical processes to produce palm oil:

Palm fruit sterilizing - Use water or steam to cook the palm fruits, after sterilizing it will be easy to separate the palm fruits, and the acid value will be controlled.

Palm fruit threshing - Separate the palm fruits from the bunches by rotation or vibration.

Palm fruit digesting - Mainly used to mash palm fruit to palm pulp, this operation is easy to release palm oil.

Palm oil pressing - It is most important step of the complete palm oil production line, it mainly used to extract palm oil by using mechanical extrusion method. Without the help of palm oil press machine, we can't extract palm oil smoothly. During this station, we will get two products, the one is crude palm oil, the other is the mixture of palm nut with fiber.

Palm Oil clarification - This step aims to remove some useless impurities from crude palm oil to get the pure crude palm oil.

Palm oil drying - It used to remove the water in crude palm oil to make the palm oil has a long storage time.

Palm Oil Storage - The final crude palm oil will be stored in specialized tank for further selling or transportation.

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palm oil processing processPalm oil processing process flow chart

palm oil processing machine Small scale palm oil processing machine

Although the palm oil pressing is the most important step, the other 7 steps are still essential for the complete production process of palm oil. More information about palm oi production process, welcome to consult Henan Glory Company, we will give you more comprehensive information.

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