How much palm oil can be pressed from 1 ton of palm bunches?

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Theoretically,  one ton of palm fruit bunches can squeeze about 260 kg of palm oil, but if your processing raw material is palm fruit, you can get about 400 kg of palm oil per ton of raw material, which shows that the palm oil processing plant project has very high economic efficiency and is worth putting into production. The equation for the proportion of palm bunches and the processed ingredients of each part is as follows:

100% palm bunches = 35% empty bunches + 65% palm fruit = 35% empty bunches + 26% palm oil + 26% dry materials + 13% nut.

Palm fruit bunch composition ratioPalm fruit bunch composition ratio

Inferring from this, one ton of palm bunches can get about 260kg of palm oil theoretically, but due to some practical factors , the highest oil output in actual production is only 20%. By analogy, as long as the weight of the processed raw materials is known, this method can be used to estimate the weight of palm oil that can be extracted.

The oil yield of palm bunches is affected by many factors, such as: the interval between harvesting and processing of fruit bunches, the maturity of fruit bunches, the residual oil rate of machine processing, etc. The most important factor is the residual oil rate of palm oil specialized processing machine, and the residual oil rate of machining can be controlled by adjusting the type of equipment. Therefore, if you want to obtain high oil production, you need to be equipped with professional production equipment.

Palm oil processing machinesPalm oil specialized processing machines

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