Why palm oil mill need to be close to the palm fruit plantation?

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For the palm fruit has strong chemical characteristics, which requires the palm fruit to be processed within short times.
Since the fresh palm fruit contains a high activity of lipid decomposing enzyme, when the palm fruit peel is broken, the enzyme will induce neutral oil in pulp to react, and decompose neutral oil into glycerine and free fatty acids, which will make the acid value in the crude oil higher, and each hour will increase 1 fatty acid value(note, the fatty acid is the main important indicator in the oil)

palm oil mill
Palm oil mill

To make the fatty acid value within the quality requirement, the palm fruit need to be processed within short time after harvested, so take into the technology requirement and economic effect, when build the palm oil mill, it should be near to the palm fruit plantation to shorten the time and distance in transporting the palm fruit, in this way, the palm fruit can be processed in time, and enhance the crude oil quality, Besides, there is a lot of moisture in the fresh palm fruit, and the palm bunches occupies too much space, and if transport in long distance, will not economic.

palm oil
Palm fruit and palm oil


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