How to start a palm oil mill plant?

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Do you want to find the best palm oil processing designer and supplier to start a palm oil mill plant? Haven’t have clear ideal about the process of palm oil mill? Still looking for the list of palm oil processing equipment? Now, you can easily shoot all these problems by just contact with us.

palm oil mill plant
Palm oil mill plant

The demand for palm oil now still keeping increasing in the global market. Palm oil processing business would be the most profitable one in the field of oil making. So, how to produce high quality palm oil? There are several processes during palm oil processing, including palm fruit reception, palm fruit sterilizing, palm fruit threshing, palm fruit digesting and pressing, palm oil clarification and palm kernel recovery.
For high quality palm oil, the best location of palm oil mill is within or nearby the palm oil plantation site, since the palm fresh fruit bunches should be processed no more than 24 hours.Main machinery involves in the process includes sterilizing equipment, digesting machine, thresher drum, strippers, screw presses, separator and more.
palm oil press machine
Our company have installed palm oil press machine

Henan Doing Company Machinery is the leading supplier and manufacturer in field of palm oil processing. We has designed and built palm oil mill plant in many countries, including Ghana,Liberia, Indonesia, Nigeria ,Thailand and more. We provide premium quality palm oil mill as well as other palm oil processing equipment. Besides, we also have rich experience in turnkey palm oil mill projects. If you are interested in any of our products, please let us know!

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