How does the palm oil extraction plant work? How does it produce palm oil?

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Palm oil is the most demanded edible oil in the world, but the production process for palm oil varies around the world due to raw materials, budget and edible oil requirements. Palm oil extraction process generally include sterilizing, threshing, digesting, pressing and filtering. The following will introduce briefly how the palm oil extraction plant work and produce palm oil.

700-427棕榈压榨.jpgPalm oil extraction process

First of all, put the FFB in the fruit cage, and put the fruit cage in the sterilization tank with a row crane for sterilization. However, when the processing capacity is greater than 5 tph in palm oil extraction plant, we recommend using steam sterilizer. The conveyor will deliver the FFB directly to the sterilization tank, so there is no need for a fruit cage. This method is more automated. The function of palm fruit sterilization is for increasing the humidity of the fruit and destroying the activity of the fat-decomposing enzyme and slows down rancidity, so as to prevent the content of free fatty acids (FFA) from increasing.

700-283棕榈杀酵设备.jpgPalm fruit sterilizer

Secondly, the sterilized palm fruit bunches are de-fruited in a drum type thresher to drop fruit through physical collision. The obtained palm fruit is transported by auger and bucket elevator into the digesting tank. Digesting the fruit is to better squeeze out the oil. Part of the oil produced during the digesting process will be transported to the temporary storage tank. Then press the digested palm fruit in the palm oil presser. After processing, you will get crude palm oil and mixture of fiber and nut.

700棕榈压榨生产线.jpgPalm oil pressing section

The last step is to filter the crude palm oil in palm oil extraction plant. The vibrating screen filters large fibers, the clarification tank filters heavy impurities and silt, and the plate filter filters fine fibers and absorbs water. The vacuum drying system separates oil and water, and draining water is conducive to crude oil storage. Furthermore,the vibrating screen is double-layered. The clarification tank has a built-in heating coil because the crude palm oil has a low melting point, which can increase the fluidity of the oil. For better cleaning oil, the vacuum drying system is carried out under vacuum and high temperature.

700-277棕榈油澄清设备.jpgPalm oil filteration section

The larger the processing capacity is, the more equipment is needed to ensure production efficiency and automation. The production process of palm oil is not difficult and each piece of equipment plays an important role. If you have any need on palm oil extraction, please contact us.

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