What is the step by step process to set up a palm oil factory and what are the costs and machinery involved?

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Palm oil is one of the largest demand edible oil in the world and lucrative, and large areas of palm tree are planted in Africa and Southeast Asia.Investors are increasingly inclined to set up palm oil factory enterprises. So if you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to succeed in the palm oil business, you should understand step by step process to set up a palm oil factory, including making local market research, making sure capital investment, choosing equipment manufacturer and knowing marketing markert and the general cost and machinery involved to set up a palm oil factory.

The process you need to take before setting up a palm oil factory:

700-333棕榈油业务_副本22_副本33.jpgSteps to set up a palm oil factory

1. Make local market research

In the early stage of preparation for the establishment of the palm oil factory, the local market needs to be fully investigated.If you have to be successful in the business, you must do proper research on the palm oil business. Apart from market research, it is also important to understand the nature of the business. Second, before diving into the business, you also need to know your competitors and the existing prices of palm oil.

2. Make sure capital investment

After making the market research, you should confirm the processing capacity of the palm oil factory you need and have a general idea of the amount of capital required for the palm factory you want to start, including factory construction funds, storage capital, and transportation and operating costs.

3. Choose the right equipment supplier

If you have to be successful in this business, you need to get contacts from different equipment suppliers. After that, the manufacturer of palm oil equipment can be inquired to preliminarily confirm the price of the product and understand the land occupation demand of the equipment and the requirements for factory construction.

4. Know marketing market

If you plan to produce palm oil, you should consider the main marketing market, make a marketing plan, and find a suitable and guaranteed platform to sell palm oil.

The above shows step by step process to set up a palm oil factory. Furthermore, what is more interesting for investors is the cost and machinery involved in steps to set up a palm oil factory. Here are some reference for you from Henan Glory Company.

The general cost and machinery involved to set up a palm oil factory:

700棕榈压榨车间.jpgSimply display of palm oil processing machine

Palm oil factory cost varies according to the processing capacity of the equipment and actual configuration and the size of palm oil factory. Henan Glory Company is committed to the design and production of palm oil processing equipment, and can provide stand-alone equipment and small, medium and large palm oil factory.

The cost of each stand-alone machine varies from $950-$29,000 depending on the processing capacity. We have different types of stand-alone machine, including single screw press machine, double screw presser, simple type thresher and drum type thresher and son on.

700-861棕榈榨油机_副本22.jpgScrew palm oil press machine

Three-piece simple palm oil processing equipment set cost is about $6,700, which includes a 500kg palm oil press, a fruit thresher with a processing capacity of up to 2 tons per hour, and a filter machine to remove impurity in the oil.

700-731简易棕榈油压榨生产线_副本77.jpgSimple type palm oil factory

The cost of a small palm oil factory of 1-5 tons per hour ranges from $100,000-$260,000 and machinery involved cover sterilizer, thresher, digester, double screw presser and filtering machine, and some supporting facilities, which is more automated.

700-871小型棕榈油压榨生产线_副本33.jpgSmall scale palm oil factory

If your processing volume is relatively large and you need higher degree of automation, the cost of a large scale palm oil factory of 10 tons per hour and above is more than $1,700,000. This production factory includes a raw material receiving section, sterilization section, fruit threshing section, digesting section, pressing section, filtering section. If you want to get the specific palm oil factory cost, welcme to contact us and our sales will give detailed quotation based on your actual configuration.

333_副本11.jpgMedium and large palm oil factory

In conclusion, if you are interested to start a palm oil factory business, it is necessary to know step by step process to set up a palm oil factory. As for the cost and machinery of palm oil factory, the cost will change due to different actual demand and equipment configurations. If you want to know more information, you can contact us at any time. We can provide you customized services from palm oil factory layout and design to machinery installation, providing 1 year after-sale service to make sure normal operation of palm oil factory and machinery.

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