What is the core machine in the process of 1-5t/h small scale palm oil extraction?

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Small scale palm oil extraction is popular, having the advantages of low investment and high automation. The core machine in the process of 1-5t/h small scale palm oil extraction include sterilizer, thresher, digester, screw press machine and filtration machine. Here will introduce core machine in 1-5t/h small palm oil extraction and Henan Glory Company can provide every core machine of different types in the process of palm oil extraction.

700-508小型棕榈压榨生产线.jpgSmall scale palm oil extraction plant

First of all, the sterilizer is very important in the whole small scale palm oil extraction. Henan Glory Company can provide vertical and horizontal sterilizer. There are three methods of sterilization, all at 145 degrees, boiling and steaming sterilization both put the fresh palm fruit bunches in the fruit cage, and put the fruit cage in the sterilization tank for sterilization and vertical steaming sterilization is conveyed by scrapers, with a high degree of automation. The function of palm fruit sterilization can not only increase the humidity of the fruit and destroy the activity of the fat-decomposing enzyme and slow down rancidity, which is conducive to prevent the content of free fatty acids (FFA) from increasing and the subsequent separation of pulp and core.

700-500杀酵设备_副本.jpgVertical and horizontal sterilizer

Secondly, the sterilized palm fruit bunches are de-fruited in a thresher to realize fruit drop through physical collision. We can supply three kinds of threshers according to different processing capacities. As the processing capacity is 1-5t/h, we recommend 1-2t/h drum type thresher.

700-427棕榈脱果机.jpgPalm fruit thresher

Thirdly, the obtained palm fruit is transported by auger and bucket elevator into the digesting tank for digester, of which Henan Glory Company have two kinds to choose. Digesting the fruit is to better squeeze out the oil and to improve subsequent the yield of oil.

700-450立式和卧式捣碎设备.jpgPalm fruit digester

Then the most important machine in the palm oil extraction is presser. Our 1-5t/h small scale palm oil press machine use double screw to extract oil from palm fruit, which has a very high oil yield, small footprint and durable.

700-394棕榈双螺旋榨油机.jpgPalm oil press machine

The last step is to filter the crude palm oil. The vibrating screen, the clarification tank and the plate filter which we can provide can be used to filter impurities to get cleaner crude palm oil. If you use the vacuum drying system separating oil and draining water, it is conducive to longer crude oil storage. You can choose any of these filtering machine based on your actual requirements.

700-277棕榈油澄清设备.jpgFiltration machine

The above are the main core equipment used in the process of 1-5t/h small scale palm oil extraction. We can provide palm oil extraction equipment with different types or processing capacity used in the every process of palm oil extraction. If you are interested in the palm oil industry, please contact us.

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