Is Palm Kernel Oil Production Business in Nigeria Profitable?

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The palm kernel oil business in Nigeria has promising growth prospects and is very profitable as the climate in Nigeria is ideal for growing palm fruit trees. There are two main factors affecting profit. One is market demand, and the other is production cost.

From the perspective of market demand, the demand for palm kernel oil in Nigeria's domestic and international markets is very high, and it is increasing year by year. Palm kernel oil is less than palm oil, which more reflects the preciousness of palm kernel oil.

palm kernel oil marketPalm kernel oil market

From the perspective of production cost, it includes two parts, raw material cost and production equipment cost. The first is the cost of raw materials. As we all know, Nigeria's climate is very suitable for growing palm fruit trees. Nigeria has a large area of palm orchards, which means that for the production of palm oil or palm kernel oil, the supply of raw materials in Nigeria is sufficient, and the supply exceeds demand, which makes the prices of palm fruit and palm kernel lower. Therefore, the cost of raw materials for the production of palm kernel oil will be further reduced.

palm fruit treesPalm fruit trees

The second is the cost of production equipment. We are a professional palm oil and palm kernel oil equipment manufacturer for more than 10 years. Whether it is a single machine or a whole pressing line, we have a number of patented technologies. Our equipment has been installed in many countries where palm fruit trees are grown, including Africa and Southeast Asia. The equipment has been well received by customers. Also, since we, Henan Glory Company, are the manufacturer ourselves, we can better control the production cost. For the same price, we can provide higher quality equipment and for the same quality equipment, we can provide lower price.

Palm kernel oil processing machinePalm kernel oil processing machine

If you are interested in our equipment or want to know more about palm kernel oil production, you can contact us anytime.

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