What should be paid attention to in making the design and layout of palm oil mill plant?

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The design and layout of palm oil mill plant is very crucial for the smoothness of the palm oil production process, increase the oil production capacity and lower the operational cost. The requirements for making the design and layout of palm oil mill plant includes the following main parts.

Palm oil mill plant layout design

 flow chart of  design and layout of palm oil mill plantThe flow chart of  design and layout of palm oil mill plant

1. Meet the requirements of palm oil production process

The design of the palm oil factory should fully consider the characteristics of palm oil production, including the production process of palm oil, raw materials, finished product transportation means and methods, etc. In this way, the design of the factory building is more in line with the production conditions, and the subsequent production efficiency can be improved.

2. Reasonable selection of factory structure

Selecting a suitable structural system according to the requirements of production technology, materials and construction conditions is also very important for saving investment costs and shortening the construction period. A suitable factory structure is also conducive to guaranteeing production conditions.

3. Ensure a good operating environment

A standard palm oil factory should have good lighting, ventilation and landscaping. And it also has good control over noise, temperature, humidity and other conditions.

4. Scientific organization space

The scientific organizational space and room layout meet the needs of production while maintaining good hygienic conditions.

Professional engineers can design suitable solutions for you according to factors such as plant area. Henan Glory Company is more than 10 years oil machine manufacturer in the field and we have experienced engineers who will help you design palm oil mill plant and installation and so on. Let me give two layouts of palm oil mill plant for reference.

Small scale palm oil production factory layout

small scale palm oil production factory layoutSmall scale palm oil mill plant flow chart

This small scale palm oil production plant could need some main processing machines, including sterilizer, thresher, digester, presser and plate filter.

Complete palm oil production process

Palm oil mill plant layout includes a series of processes as are described below.

complete palm oil production processsComplete palm oil production process

1. Fruit Reception: the bunch is cut when the fruit is ripe and these fruit bunches are sent by trucks to the palm fruit reception. And then the fruits is dumped into a fresh fruit bunch (FFB) hopper which is then transferred to fruit cages. The cages are then moved into a sterilizer.

2. Sterilization: the sterilizer acts as a pressure cooker where the fruits are boiled with high heated steam for about one hour. This process is used for softening the fruits, enabling the separation of the fruit from bunches and reducing the increase of free fatty acids in the fruits.

3. Threshing: moving the fruit bunches into the thresher by using a conveyor belt. Thresher is designed to move fruits from palm bunches.

4. Digesting: stir and break the pulp in the mashing tank to become fine particles, which can improve the oil yield. A part of the oil will flow into the oil collection tank during the mashing process and now the vertical fruit can be fully mashed.

5. Pressing: use screw oil press to extract oil, which has faster efficiency and better oil output. The extracted oil is mixed with fruit particles, water, sand and dirt and needs clarifying.

6. Clarification Station: the crude oil is sent to the oil clarification tank for further precipitation and separation of crude oil and impurities.The plate and frame filter filters the suspended impurities in the grease layer by layer, and can also remove part of the water, forming a filter cake to be discharged and the heated clean oil is then passed to a vacuum chamber for the removal of the remaining moisture for better storage.

Henan Glory Company provides optimal the design and layout of palm oil mill plant, from small scale to large scale. If you are interested to know more about factory layout for palm oil industry, please feel free to contact us any time.

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