How to process palm fruit into red palm oil?

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It mainly takes 5 steps to process palm fruit to crude red palm oil, including sterilization, threshing, digesting, pressing and filtration. The detailed pressing steps of palm fruit is as follows.

palm oil extraction processPalm oil processing steps

First of all, put the fresh palm fruit bunches in the palm fruit cage, and put the fruit cage in the sterilization tank with a row crane for sterilization. There are two purposes for palm fruit sterilization: on the one hand, it increases the humidity of the fruit, which is beneficial to the separation of the fruit from the fruit bunch. On the other hand, it destroys the activity of the fat-decomposing enzyme and slows down rancidity, so as to prevent the content of free fatty acids (FFA) from increasing, causing the oil molecules to condense on the surface and destroy the interior, the structure is easy to press, and is conducive to the subsequent separation of palm pulp and palm nuts.

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palm fruit sterilizerVertical palm fruit sterilizer machine

Secondly, the sterilized palm fruit bunches will be transported to the Drum Type Thresher for separation. Drum type palm fruit thresher machine has a long horizontal drum inside. By rotating the drum, palm fruit and empty fruit bundles can be separated. Next, the obtained palm fruit will be transported by auger and bucket elevator into the digesting tank for digesting. Digesting the fruit is to better squeeze out the oil. Part of the crude palm oil produced during the digesting process will be transported to the crude palm oil temporary storage tank. Then press the digested palm fruit in the palm oil presser. After processing, you will get crude palm oil and mixture of fiber and nut. (Related reading: 1tph, 5tph, 10tph, 15tph double screw palm oil press machine)

palm fruit thresherDrum type palm fruit thresher machine

palm oil press machinePalm fruit digester and palm oil press machine

Thirdly, crude palm oil need to be filtered. To make the final palm oil cleaner and less impurity, we usually need to use three different machines: the vibrating screen filters large fibers, it is double-layered structure, it can remove most of fiber impurities. The clarification tank filters heavy impurities and silt, it has a built-in heating coil, which can ensure the fluidity of the crude palm oil. And the plate filter filters fine fibers and absorbs water.

palm oil filter machineCrude palm oil clarification machine

The last step is to use the vacuum drying system separates oil and water, it is conducive to prolong the storage time of the crude oil. Finally, store the obtained crude oil in an oil storage tank. Till this step, all the processes of palm oil extraction is over.

Congratulations! You have learned how to make palm oil at palm oil mill plant. The process is not so complicated. If you really want to make palm oil and want to buy high quality palm oil processing machine, welcome to contact Henan Glory Company, we will never let you down.

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