How many tonnes of palm kernel nuts does it take to produce one tonne of palm kernel oil?

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Theoretically, if you process 1 ton palm kernel, you will get around 0.44 ton CPKO (crude palm kernel oil), in other words, if you want to get 1 ton CPKO, you need to process 2.3 tons palm kernel. The specific calculation is based on the following rules. The oil content rate of palm kernel is 50%, the residual oil rate is 6%, so normally, you can get 44% oil from palm kernel.

The computational formula of oil yield of palm kernel:

1ton CPKO = 2.3tons palm kernel*44%(oil extraction rate of palm kernel)

According to the above computational formula, you can easily calculate out how many tons of palm kernel oil that you will get after knowing the specific processing capacity.

palm kernel oil processing machineThe computational formula of oil yield of palm kernel

What’s more, there are other factors that will affect the final oil yield, such as the raw material quality, the use of other auxiliary equipment, and others.

As for the raw material quality, I recommend you buy the complete and high oil content palm kernel from nearby farmers.

If you still want to improve the final oil extraction rate, I recommend you configure the crusher, roaster and plate filter besides the palm kernel oil expeller machine. These machines can adjust the palm kernel to the best condition before pressing, which can ensure us get more palm kernel oil.

Main function of main auxiliary equipment:

About crusher machine, It can crush palm kernel into small pieces, which is beneficial to increase the contact area of the oilseeds and facilitate the transfer of temperature and moisture during palm kernel roaster process.

About palm kernel roaster, our machine has been tested for many times and got the best raw material humidity ratio: palm kernel with 8-10% humidity is the most suitable. What's more, palm kernel roaster can fully destroy the cell structure of the palm kernel, so as to improve the oil yield and improve the quality of oil and cake.

palm kernel oil processing machineSmall scale palm kernel oil processing machine

About the plate filter, you know there is some moisture and impurities in the CPKO, we can filter and remove that by using plate filter, and get more cleaner and quality CPKO.

In a word, we can get 1 ton CPKO by process around 2.3 tons palm kernel. As a professional manufacturer of palm kernel oil processing machine, we can provide you the most suitable machine for you, if you have any questions about the calculate method and machine, contact us! Henan Glory Oils & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd will give you most professional suggestions about palm kernel oil processing business.

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