What equipment is needed to set up a 1-5 tph palm oil mill plant?

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To set up a 1-5tph palm oil mill plant, palm oil processing equipment need sterilizer, thresher, digester, palm oil presser and filteration machines and so on. Let us have a specific introduction to talk about them.

700-428小型棕榈压榨生产设备真空干燥.jpg1-5tph palm oil mill plant

1. Sterilizer

Firstly, put the fresh palm fruit bunches in the fruit cage, and put the fruit cage in the sterilizer with a row crane for sterilization. The function of sterilizer in 1-5 tph palm oil mill plant can be illustrate from the following three parts. First, it is easier to separate the palm fruit from the fruit bunch. The second function is to prevent the rancidity of the palm fruit from affecting the oil product. The last function is to be more conducive to the separation of the palm kernels. Our sterilizers are divided into boiled sterilizers and vertical steam sterilizers. The working principle is to heat the palm fruit at a temperature of 145 degrees for 60-120 minutes.

700-453杀酵设备.jpgPalm fruit sterilizer

2. Thresher

Secondly, the sterilized palm fruit bunches are de-fruited in a drum type thresher. Palm fruit accounts for about 60% of the entire FFB, and the fruit bunches are separated by a drum thresher. The purpose of threshing in 1-5 tph palm oil mill plant is to separate the palm fruit which was sterilized from the FFB.

700-367棕榈脱果机.jpgPalm fruit thresher

3. Digester

Thirdly, the obtained palm fruit is transported by auger and bucket elevator into the digester. The function of the digester in 1-5 tph palm oil mill plant is to cut the palm fruit into piece. On the one hand, it reduces the pressure of the palm oil press, and on the other hand, it is more conducive to the oil output. Our digester is also equipped with a heating coil, which further heats the palm fruit while mashing. That’s will more conducive to oil extraction.

700-450捣碎压榨.jpgPalm fruit digester

4. Palm oil press machine

We use double screw palm oil press machine in 1-5 tph palm oil mill plant. In terms of structure, a gear box is installed at the tail combined with a hydraulic pump station to drive the two squeezing screws to rotate relative to each other, and the stirring blades are engaged to discharge oil. The closer to the outlet, the smaller the gap between the blades, the greater the pressure, and the lower the residual oil rate, which can be less prone to clogging, more labor-saving, more conducive to the smoothness of palm fruit pressing, improve the oil yield, and ensure your high yield.

700-394棕榈双螺旋榨油机.jpgPalm oil press machine

5. Filteration machine

Filtering machines in 1-5 tph palm oil mill plant include vibrating screen used to remove the light Impurities of your oil. The next cleaning equipment is the sand clarification tank, which is used to remove the impurities in the oil, and finally the plate and frame filter, which filters layer by layer to remove the impurities in crude palm oil.

700-277棕榈油澄清设备.jpgFilteration machine

6. Vacuum system

Vacuum system in 1-5 tph palm oil mill plant is used to remove water from oil to prevent oil rancidity.

700-324真空过滤设备.jpgVacuum system

7. Oil storage tank

We will equip you with an oil storage tank suitable for the processing capacity of 1-5 tph palm oil mill plant to store clean crude palm oil.

The above equipments are needed to set up a 1-5 tph palm oil mill plant. We not only have different processing capacities of palm oil mill plants, but also are mainly engaged in vegetable oil raw material pretreatment, pressing, refining, solvent extraction, dewaxing, palm oil and palm kernel oil pressing, refining and fractionation, etc. Henan Glory Company has the most advanced palm oil and edible oil pressing production technology, and undertakes edible oil production lines of various sizes. If you are interested, please contact us.

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