What’s the palm oil milling process, equipment, and cost?

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Palm oil is one of the most widely used vegetable oils in the world, and it is extracted from palm fruits. Based on the characteristics of palm fruits , we have conducted extensive experimental research and tested a series of unique palm oil milling process using palm fruit as the raw material, which can obtain more and better quality palm oil. And according to the different processing capacities, there are also different palm oil milling equipment configurations to meet the needs of different customers.

The palm oil milling process involves several stations, including sterilization, threshing, digesting, pressing, and clarification. In this article, we will discuss the palm oil milling process, and equipment cost.

700-452棕榈压榨3D图.jpgPalm oil milling process

For a complete palm oil milling process:

The first palm oil milling process is steriization to perform sterilizing on palm fruit bunches, with the main equipment being sterilization tank, in order to prevent an increase in free fatty acid content, which is one of the biggest factors affecting the quality of palm oil. At the same time, high-temperature sterilization can soften the fruit, making it easier to thresh off fruit bunches and reducing the working pressure of the palm oil press during the palm oil milling process.

700-283棕榈杀酵设备.jpgPalm fruit sterilizer

The second palm oil milling process is threshing station. Palm fruit bunches enter the thresher after sterilization, and use a threshing machine to remove the palm fruit from the palm bunches.

700-260脱果设备.jpgPalm fruit thresher

The third palm oil milling process is the digesting station. The palm fruit will be transported to a digesting tank and digested with a reamer. Put palm fruit into digester in order to reduce the pressure on the palm oil press and increase the oil yield.

700-209棕榈捣碎设备.jpgPalm fruit digeter

The fourth palm oil milling process is pressing station which use a double screw palm oil presser for pressing. The double screw palm oil presser adopts electric drive and is equipped with a hydraulic pump station to adjust the pressure of the oil press, saving manpower and improving oil output rate. The screw palm oil presser produced using 2Cr13 material has higher wear resistance and improves the service life of the palm oil press.

700-270棕榈榨油机.jpgPalm oil presser

The fifth palm oil milling process is filtering station. Using vibrating screens, oil clarification tanks, and box filters filter large, heavy, and light impurities in crude oil. Finally, a vacuum drying system is used to remove moisture from the crude oil. The final is to get clean, high-quality palm oil that can be stored for a long time.

700-277棕榈油澄清设备.jpgPalm oil filtering machine

Palm oil milling equipment cost:

If the processing capacity is relatively small, for example, only about 500kg palm fruits are processed per hour. You can consider choosing a thresher, an palm oil press, and a plate and frame filter to meet the most basic palm oil milling equipment needs and improve milling efficiency. Regarding the palm oil milling equipment cost, if the processing capacity is approximately 500KG, the cost of palm oil milling equipment ranges from 7200-7500USD depending on the device model.

700-422<a href='啊'>最</a>简单的棕榈压榨生产线.jpgSimple type palm oil milling process

If you want to build a complete palm oil milling line, it depends on the processing capacity and specific palm oil milling equipment configuration. The palm oil milling equipment cost is between 138,000-397,000 USD.

700-394棕榈压榨设备.jpgComplete palm oil milling line

In addition, we also have a stand-alone palm oil press machine for palm oil milling, which has a very good sales volume. The palm oil milling equipment cost is about 1350USD to 1450USD.

700-450棕榈榨油机.jpgPalm oil press machine

If you are interested in palm oil milling equipment and want to engage in palm oil milling related industries, please feel free to contact us at any time. Henan Glory Company have a professional team of engineers and sales managers who can provide you with more accurate suggestions based on your specific situations and can provide customized solutions to meet your needs.

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