Peanut oil expeller oil press machine

Peanut oil expeller/oil press machine is suitable for external processing, using seasame seed ,rape seed, peanut,sunflower,soybean and other oil-bearing crops as raw materials.The final product ,you will get seasame oil , soybean oil , peanut oil , rape seed oil , sunflower seed oil etc.

Oil yield of Peanut oil expeller/oil press machine:
Different Oil Yield According to Different Seeds.Although with the same screw oil press machine, the handling capacity, oil yield and dry cake residue differs when processing different oil bearing materials. Below are some of the parameter.

Raw Material Raw Material In-feed per 24 hours (KG) Oil yield Per 100kg of Raw Material(KG) Dry Cake Residue(%)
Rape Seeds 1900-2400 30-35 7.5-8
Ground Nuts 1900-2400 35-45 7
Beans 1800-2300 10-14 6.5-7
Sesame Seeds 1900-2400 44-47 6.5-7.5

The main advantage of  Peanut oil expeller/oil press machine:
1. Using vacuum filter, it is able to simply filter the crude oil after pressing
2. It is able to save labour, about 60%. One or two person is for per machine
3. Protection the environment, comparing with the traditional oil press machine, it is about to meet the standard of green environment.
4. Low investment, get more profit
The main spares of Peanut oil expeller/oil press machine:
1. Squeezing bar
2. Squeezing head
3. Squeezing bolt
4. Squeezing screw
5. Ring
6. Cake outlet
7. Vacuum filter

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional edible oil machine manufacture,we can provide:
Peanut seed oil pressing machine:10-1000TPD
Peanut seed oil extraction machine:10-2000TPD
Peanut oil refinery plant:1-600TPD.
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