Mustard oil extraction machine/expeller mustard oil

Mustard oil extraction machine or expeller mustard oil machine is one machine that used to extract mustard oil from mustard seeds. Henan Doing company can offer you a complete choice of mustard oil machines which include mustard oil press machine,mustard oil solvent extraction machine and mustard oil refining machine. Now ,we mainly introduce mustard oil extraction machine to you.

mustard seedsMustard seeds

Mustard seed is a high oil content material, the oil content of the mustard seed is around 40-44%, and after pressed the mustard seed by mustard seed oil expeller, the mustard cake will have around 6% oil residue, so you can get 38% oil yield from the mustard seed, which means, if you have 100tons mustard seeds, after pressed by mustard oil extraction machine, you can get 38tons crude mustard seed oil.

mustard oil extraction machine2tph mustard oil extraction machine

For the mustard seed is high oil content materials, so we can apply the below processing way: mustard seeds cooking machine + mustards oil extraction machine

mustard seed cookerMustard seeds cooker

After mustard seeds cooking process, the oil will concentrate on the surface of the mustard seeds, which is easier to press, and the flavor of oil is more fragrant. After pressed by the mustard oil extraction machine,you can get crude mustard oil, if you want to sell the mustard seed oil directly, you can use the small filter to purify the crude oil, if you want to sell the oil to market, and want to sell first grade mustard seed oil, you can apply the mustard oil refining machine.

And if you want to know how the mustard oil extraction machine works, just watch the video of :

Mustard oil presser/hot pressed mustard oil machine working video

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