Rapeseed and mustard oil expeller

The model of rapeseed and mustard oil expeller are the new type products reformed by our factory ,which are the advanced equipment in the oilseeds processing machinery recently.Rapeseed and mustard  oil expeller can process various kinds of oil seed,such as,peanut,soybean,corn germ,rapeseed,sunflower,cottonseed,sesame,palm kernel,and so on.

cooking oil expeller
Rapeseed and mustard  oil expeller

What is the features of rapeseed and mustard  oil expeller?
1,Simple structure, easy to use, adaptable, high oil rate, energysaving, and low noise. Material selection is exquisite, reasonable design, reliable quality.
2,operation, less land occupation, labor saving, power saving, high yield, and oil quality is good, and so on.
3,All technical indexes are leading in the same trade of the state owned oil press.

cooking oil expeller
Rapeseed and mustard  oil expeller is waiting installation

Advantages of rapeseed and mustard oil expeller :
1.When rapeseed and mustard oil expeller is on work, material enters the extruding chamber from the hopper and then moves forwards by the rotating pressing screw and is pressed.
2.Under high temperature condition in the chamber, there is quite strong friction among press screw, chamber and the oil materials.
3.On the other hand, root diameter of the pressing screw carries larger from one end to the other.
4.Hence when rotating, the thread not only pushes particles moving forwards but also turns them outwards as well.
5.Meanwhile, particles adjacent the screw will rotate along with screw’s rotating, causing every particle inside the chamber to possess different speed.
6.Therefore, relative movement among particles creates neat which is necessary during manufacturingbecause of helping protein change property, damage colloid, increase plasticity, decrease oil’s elasticity, resulting in high oil.

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