What preparation does it take to start a palm oil production business in Nigeria?

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With the increasing growth of the palm oil market, in order to meet the domestic palm oil market demand and reduce the domestic palm oil market price, African governments are supporting the development of the local palm oil production industry. Especially in Nigeria, more and more people want to to start a palm oil production business. So what preparation does it take to start a palm oil production business in Nigeria? This article will introduce you in detail.

Palm oil production business.jpgPalm oil production business

1.Palm oil Market research

First, you need to research how much does palm oil sell for. The price difference between crude palm oil and refined palm oil determines the product type. The price of local and foreign palm oil determines the sales of the product. Whether you want to sell it to supermarkets or local farmers determines the quality of the product, so you must choose the right one according to your actual situation. Product positioning and sales are the most important. Because if the sales market is not investigated in advance, the palm oil produced cannot be sold and the losses will be serious.

Palm oil.jpgPalm oil

2. Supply of raw materials

The second is the supply of raw materials. Do you have your own palm orchard or buy other people's fruit bunches? If you have a palm fruits orchard, usually 200 hectares are equipped with a 1tph palm oil production equipment line. If you buy other people's palm fruit bunches, you need to know how much 1 ton of fruit bunches costs and how much it can produce per day.

3. Purchase palm oil production equipment

The third is how much to invest in the palm oil production equipment. The cost to start a palm oil production business in Nigeria depends largely on how much money is invested in palm oil production equipment. You can confirm the appropriate palm oil production equipment based on the palm oil processing volume. Confirm the approximate equipment price by comparing. Then see if you have the ability to bear the palm oil production equipment required for this processing volume. You can reduce it appropriately or increase processing capacity.

Palm oil production equipment.jpgPalm oil production equipment

4. The construction of palm oil production plant

The fourth is factory land. If your palm oil processing volume is small, you can consider finding an open space and building a simple shed without investing too much. If you decide to have a palm oil production line, you need to build a factory. In addition to the workshop area required for processing machines, you must also consider the area for stacking raw materials and storage oil tanks, as well as all the auxiliary equipment space required for the overall process. This requires some manufacturers to provide suggestion. As a professional palm oil production equipment manufacturer, Henan Glory Company can provide you with suitable suggestions and guidance, and then, it is necessary to choose the appropriate factory address and area based on its own financial situation.

Palm oil production plant design.jpgPalm oil production plant design

5. Launch of palm oil business

You need to consider when to start this project. If you have enough funds and have completed the research on the above issues, you can ask the manufacturer to provide a plan. After confirming the final plan, you can start buying equipment and building a factory, you can Installation and production have started. If you need a loan, you need to make a feasibility report or provide a series of information to the bank. The specific loan process is based on local policy requirements.

Palm oil production plant.jpgPalm oil production plant

In short, you need to be prepared as mentioned above to start a palm oil production business in Nigeria. Our company is building its own palm oil processing equipment manufacturing plant in Nigeria. If you need us to help you make a specific cost plan for developing palm oil business, you can go to our office address(19B Kudirat Abiola Way Olusosun Bus stop. Next gate to Zenith)in Nigeria for detailed discussions. Believe that we will provide you with the best equipment and services.

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