What is the function of palm oil filtration equipment? Which filtration equipment is most commonly used?

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Palm oil filtration equipment plays an important role in palm oil processing. The function of palm oil filtration equipment is to remove impurities and oil residues in palm oil and improve the quality of finished Palm oils.

When it comes to palm oil filtration equipment, there are mainly two kinds of most commonly used filtration equipment in the market, one is plate-frame filter press and the other is leaf filter. The following will compare them in details so that customers can select suitable one.

1.Plate-frame filter press

Plate frame filter press is through the plate frame extrusion, so that the pure palm oil through the filter cloth discharge, to achieve the purpose of filtration. The pump and input pipe parts of plate- frame filter press are connected by quick loading type, convenient for disassembly and cleaning. Plate and frame filter has large filtration area, good filtration effect, large flow rate, and wide application range for palm oil filtration. Relatively speaking, the investment cost of plate-frame filter press is less.

palm oil filter machine Palm oil filtration equipment— plate and frame filter

2.Leaf filter

The leaf filter is an energy-saving, well-sealed Palm oil filter equipment, which has unique design structure, small size, high filtration efficiency, filtrate transparency and clarity. The operation of the leaf filter does not require any filter cloth or filter paper, which can reduce filter loss. In addition, the leaf filter has the advantage of a high degree of automation, which can realize automatic material unloading and slag discharge, thereby reducing labor intensity and realizing continuous operation. And the investment cost of leaf filter is much higher than plate-frame filter press.

palm oil filter machine Palm oil filtration equipment— leaf filter

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