How to start mini palm oil mill?

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Mini palm oil mill refers to palm oil mill with mini capacity, usually less than 1T/h fresh fruit bunches. In general, mini palm oil mill utilizes the same technology to process palm as large palm oil mill.

1. Palm fruit bunches is fed to stripper machine where palm fruits will be separated out and collected ar bottom conveyor. Empties will come out at the opposite end which is excellent fuel for boiler. This step can also be achieved all by hand if you have enough labor source.
2. Palm fruits will be cooked in steam cooking cum sterilizing kettle. Palm bunches less than 1T/h creat very little palm fruit. If you already have a boiler, then you can directly use your boiler to cook palm fruit without more investment.
3. From kettle, cooked palm fruit will be fed to mechanical screw palm oil press where oil will be squeezed and you can get clear red palm oil. And we have a screw palm oil press named DY-130, whose capacity is 0.5T/h. If you want to know more about it. Please feel free to contact us.
mimi palm oil mill
DY-130 mini palm oil press

Dy-130 palm oil press machine is suitable for mini palm oil mill with easy operation and maintaince. If you are interested in mini palm oil mill, please feel free to contact us.

Besides mini palm oil mill , we can also supply 3tph palm oil processing machinerybig scale palm oil machine, palm oil refinery plant and so on.

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