How to stop palm oil from rancidity? What precautions can be taken in palm oil production process?

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How to prevent the rancidity of palm oil? Before answering this question, we first need to understand the factors affecting the rancidity of palm oil.

red palm oilRed palm oil

1. Characteristics of palm oil

In terms of the composition of palm oil itself, different types of fatty acids react differently to air. For example, saturated fatty acids are relatively stable; Unsaturated fatty acids are not very stable and are easy to react with oxygen in the air. Moreover, the content of non glycerides in oil has an important impact on the stability of oil. For example, non glyceride components such as water, enzyme and colloid in crude oil can often accelerate the rancidity of oil.

2. Environmental impact

Radiant energy, light is a very strong oil oxidation promoter, which can stimulate free radical reaction and accelerate the oxidation of oil rancidity. The effect of ultraviolet light is very strong, because the absorption spectra of most organic compounds are in the ultraviolet region.

The influence of air, whether the air is sufficient or not, has an important influence on the rancidity and oxidation rate of oil.

3. Effect of FFA

The oxidation rate of free fatty acids was slightly higher than that of glycerol esters; A small amount of FFA has no significant effect on the oxidation stability of oil, but more will promote the metal of equipment and packaging into the oil, so as to improve the oxidation rate.

By reading above contents, we can learn about the reasons that causes palm oil rancidity. Next, let's know how to prevent palm oil rancidity in the production process of palm oil.

If we want to prevent the rancidity of palm oil, we need to reduce the content of enzymes in palm fruit, reduce free fatty acids, and keep the oil in a low oxygen and dark environment. So the fresh palm fruit bunches just picked needs to be subjected to high-temperature sterilization within 48 hours to destroy the lipase in the palm fruit, so as to reduce the increase of free fatty acids. (Related reading: Why palm fruits need to be processed within 48 hours? )

palm fruit sterilizer machine Palm fruit sterilizer machine

Another effective measure is that the palm oil obtained after pressing and filtering needs to remove moisture in a closed vacuum drying tank to ensure that palm oil will not be rancid for a period of time. (Read more: How to filter crude palm oil? What machines will be used?)

palm oil filter machine Palm oil filter machine and drying machine

However, there are still many impurities in crude palm oil, which will still affect the quality of oil. In order to ensure that palm oil will not rancidity in a longer time, crude palm oil can be refined to remove impurities in crude oil, which can more effectively prevent palm oil from rancidity. ( Recommend reading: How to choose suitable cooking oil refining machine for making cooking oil?)


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