Palm oil extraction flow chart introduction

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Palm oil extraction flow chart mainly uses the expression of graphical symbols, which can clearly express the structure of the whole palm oil mill plant and the operation process of the palm oil extraction. The entire palm oil extraction process involves the reception of fresh fruit bunches from the plantations, sterilizing and threshing of the bunches to free the palm fruit, mashing the fruit and pressing out the crude palm oil, purifying and drying the crude palm oil. At last, the filtered crude palm oil can be sold or be sent to refinery plant for the further process.

palm oil extraction processPalm oil extraction process flow chart

Palm oil extraction flow chart’s main stations:

NO. Main section Main machine Functions
1 Fresh palm fruit bunch reception section Loading ramp Weighing palm fruit bunches
2 Sterilization section Sterilization machine  reduce activity of the enzyme,prevent the rancidity
3 Threshing section Threshing Machine separate empty fruit bunch and palm fruit
4 Pressing section Screw presser Squeeze out most of palm oil by mechanical method
5 Oil clarification section Clarification Tank Filter impurities in crude palm oil
6 Fiber separation section Palm nut and fiber separating machine separate the palm nuts from fiber
7 Palm kernel recovery section Palm kernel & shell cracking and separating machine Crack palm nuts get pure palm kernel
8 Engine room Diesel generator supply power for palm oil mill
9 Boiler room Boiler Supply steam for whole palm oil mill

Palm oil extraction flow chart introduction:

1.Fresh Palm Fruit Bunch Reception Section:

FFB means fresh palm fruit bunch which can be harvested all the year round. After cutting from palm trees, fresh palm fruit bunch must be processed within 2days, or the acid value will be high and affect the final palm oil quality.

2.Sterilizing Station

The FFB are discharged into the loading ramp, then transported to sterilizer for sterilization. It uses high temperature to soften the fruit and kill the bacteria, and this will increase the moisture content of fruit and separate the fruits easily, so finally it will easy to get oil and separate palm kernel, also avoid the raising of free fatty acid. From picking to sterilization, the time shall not be over 48 hours. [Related reading: Why palm fruits need to be processed within 48 hours? ]

palm fruit sterilizerVertical palm fruit sterilizer

3.Threshing Station

Through the threshing, the palm fruits and empty fruit bunches(EFB) would be separated. Fruit Elevator will convey the threshed palm fruit to next step of palm fruit pressing station. 【Related reading: Palm fruit thresher machine

*The EFB can be stored to be use as fuel or fertilizer.

palm fruit thresherPalm fruit thresher machine

4.Digesting & Pressing Station

The palm fruits would be transported to the digester and digesting is to crush palm flesh, which makes palm flesh to be puree. Then, double screw palm oil presser would process the puree to get crude palm oil.

palm oil press machinePalm fruit digester and palm oil pressing machine

5.Oil Clarification Station

Oil clarification requires three equipment, which are oil clarifying tank, vibrating screen and plate filter. The equipment can remove the fibers and impurities, making the crude palm oil cleaner. Besides, the station improve the quality of palm oil.

6.Oil Drying Station

Filtered crude palm oil would be dried by the oil drier, which evaporates the water in oil and is good for storage.

7.Kernel Recovery System

Kernel recovery system requires two machines. The fiber and nuts separator would separate the palm nuts from fiber. The clean nuts will be cracked and we get the kernel and shell mixture. Finally, the kernel and shell is separated to obtain the clean palm kernel. Cracking and separating would be operated in palm kernel cracking and separating machine. The kernel will be dried for storage or be sold to others or be processed into palm kernel oil by palm kernel processing plant.

palm kernel cracking and separating machinePalm kernel cracking and separating machine

The above is the mainly introduction of palm oil extraction ( suitable for capacity above 10tph ). Any question about palm oil mill process flow chart and any palm oil processing machine, please feel free to contact Henan Glory Company.

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