How is palm oil extracted from palm fruit at palm oil mill plant?

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If you want get palm oil from the palm fruit, you must know what steps are involved in the palm oil production process. However, the extraction process of palm oil varies slightly due to the different production scale of palm oil mill plant. Next, I will take the standard small scale palm oil mill plant as an example to introduce you how is palm oil extracted from palm fruit.

palm oil procesing processSmall scale palm oil processing process

Production steps of palm oil

1-Use sterilization machine to boil palm fruit bunches:

The palm fruit picked from the oil palm plantation will be transported to the palm mill plant. After simply weigh by weighbridge, the palm fruit bunches will be transported to sterization station for further processing. Usually, we need to Usually we need to inject 0.3 Mpa direct steam into the sterilizer to boil the palm fruit for 60 minutes. This step can break the enzymes in fruit, and avoid the increasing of the FFA content in oil. At the same time, the high temperature can make the palm fruits soften. Meanwhile, sterization is easy for fruit threshing, palm nut cracking, as well as the extracting of palm oil.

palm fruit sterilizer machinePalm fruit strilizer machine

2-Use threshing machine to separate palm fruit

Due to palm fruit bunches can’t direct to pressing, we need get palm fruits from the palm fruit bunches. So sterilized palm fruit bunches will be transported to thresher machine for separating palm fruit and empty palm fruit bunches.

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palm fruit thresher machinePalm fruit thresher machine

3-Use digester machine to mash palm fruit to palm pulp

In order to achieve better pressing effect, the sterilized palm fruits need to be transported to digester machine to process to destroy the cell structure of the palm fruit and shorten the oil route, which will be help to increase the final oil yield.

4-Use double screw palm oil press to squeeze palm oil

The double screw palm oil press machine is the most important machine needed in palm oil production process and greatly determine the level of oil yield. It can squeeze the palm oil out from the palm fruit by mechanical force. Finally get crude palm oil and the mixture of palm nuts and fibers.

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palm oil press machinePlam fruit digester machine and double screw palm oil press machine

5- Use filter machine to remove the impurities in crude palm oil

Because there are some impurities impurity, fiber and water in crude palm oil, so in order to get high quality palm oil, we need to use a series of filter machine to remove all kinds of impurities.

palm oil filter machine Palm oil filter machine

6-Use drying machine to remove water from crude palm oil

While various filters can remove impurities from the crude palm oil, they can not remove water from the oil, so we need to use dryer machine to remove water from the oil to extend its storage life.

After you finish these five steps, you will get the crude palm oil, which can cook directly or sell to the market.

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