Palm oil how is it made?

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Palm oil is one of the biggest consumption edible oil. But palm oil how is it made ?

In fact, about the palm oil how is it made , the Malaysia technologies is advanced , but they always used for processing large capacities, such as 30t/h, 50t/h ,60t/h...
Do you know palm oil how is it made in Africa ? Most people, will adopt the traditional , manual and inefficient extraction method, they will use stone mill or feet to make the oil out. There is high residue in the final cakes.
how is palm oil made
Plam oil production line

Now, Doing company will provide you the small capacities palm oil machine, it will help you get the maximum palm oil. palm oil how is it made by doing company ?
Palm oil production
Palm oil extraction line
1. Palm oil extraction line, it includes the sterilizer, thresher , mashing etc. processes to pretreat the palm fruits, then using the twin scew press to extract palm oil out. The handling capacity is from 2t/h to 20t/h.
2. Palm fruits oil press : it is only a single oil press, it is very economic to process capacity of 300-500kg/h.
3. Palm oil refinery line : it is used for further processes the red palm oil to colorless and odorless high quality cooking oil.
4. Palm oil fractionation line: it is used for separating the refined palm oil to palm olein to palm stearine.
palm oil production
Cooling and filter

Now do you know palm oil how is it made?

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