How to deal with palm oil mill effluent(1)?

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Along with the setting up of the palm oil production factory , the palm oil mill effluent is more and more serious.
How to deal with the palm oil mill effluent will be an important problem for the investor.
palm oil
Effluent from Palm oil mill
According to statistical datum, producing 1ton crude palm oil will generate 0.5tons water water, for a 100t/d palm oil mill factory, it means it will produce 50tons palm oil mill effluent at least.waste. The waste water is brown with the oil and impurities, water temperature is about 80-90℃, Ph4-5, it is with some oil, metal, organic substance, biochemical oxygen demand BOD is about 25000ppm, if we pour it to river directly, it will pollute the water.

Pool sewage treatment system is the most used and effective treatment. This treatment system is cost-effective, only needs adequate space, less investment costs.

Deal with the palm oil mill effluent is important for every investor and governments, it is good for improving the relationship with the locals.

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