Palm oil cooling and crystallization equipment plant

Palm Oil Cooling and Crystallization Instructions:

palm oil fractionation equipment plant
Palm oil fractionation equipment plant

Cooling and crystallization are key palm oil fractionation process. Henan Doing Company palm oil fractionation process mainly include crystallization and filter.Palm oil fractionation process goes through the control of palm oil cooling and crystallization to make separation of palm oil into low melting point liquid (soft fat) and high melting solid (stearin).Once crystallization successes, palm oil separation becomes easily. Therefore, different type of crystallization should have own cooling exchange surface, cooling system and mixture structure.Palm oil Cooling and crystallization condition determines the start of palm oil crystallization nuclei, the number of crystals and crystal size in palm oil fractionation process. Cooling efficiency and ordering ensure special crystal formation and filterability in palm oil fractionation.Under stirring and circulating water cooling state, according to set temperature difference between palm oil and cooling water, palm oil cooling time and control palm oil cooling process to form nuclei and slowly grow. When reaching the required temperature (depending on desired quality of soft fat obtained, typically 20 degrees Celsius), stop cooling.

What factors will influence the palm oil cooling and crystallization equipment plant?
There are three most important factors: time, agitation and temperature. Low temperatures will cause the components to separate due to supersaturation while formation of smaller crystals will be facilitated by agitation. With gradual decreases in temperatures, longer crystals will be formed with time.

Crystallization Theory & Practice:

◆Palm Oil is a complex multi-component mixture of triglycerides with melting points ranging from -30…+70°C
◆Crystallization for fractionation is a selective crystallization of triglycerides with higher melting point
◆Selectivity for crystallization is achieved by controlled temperature profile during cooling cycle
◆Crystallization process consists of four stages: Pre-cooling, Formation of Nuclei, Crystal Growth,Final Conditioning.

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