Medium sized palm kernel oil refining plant

We all know that the crude palm oil without refinery is full of impurities such as gums, pigments, waxes, phosphatides and free fatty acid (FFA), among which some are harmful to our health. So, palm kernel oil refining is essential to remove impurities. Like other oil seeds refining process, medium sized palm kernel oil refining plant has four steps which are degumming, neutralization, decoloring and deodorizing.

palm kernel oil refioning process
Palm kernel oil refining process is the same with palm oil refining process

1. At degumming section, hot water is used here as materials like phospholipids and gums are soluable in oil but not in water. Thus the impurities are separated. Some of them are made into lecithin or added to cakes for flavor. Degumming in palm kernel oil refining plant can improve palm kernel oil edibility and extend storage time.
2. Neutralization is also known as deacidification. Alkali is the main material to neutralize free fatty acids and convert it to soaps which are removed away under centrifugal force.
3. At the decoloring stage of palm kernel oil refining plant, bleaching earth or clay is added to the crude palm kernel oil and heated. The oil is mixed with bleaching earth and keep the mixing and reaction continuously. After decoloring, the bleached oil should be filtered to remove residues created in this step.
4. Palm kernel oil deodorization is the last but not least stage in palm kernel oil refining plant. The bleached oil is deaerate and heated and deodorized in high pressure. After going through the heat exchanger, the deodorized oil should be cooled and filtered. The free fatty acid is collected as by-products.
5. Palm kernel oil's wide market share in edible oil industry raises an urgent claim on edible oil processing crafts. Although the pressing techniques are close to be mature, we still should pay attention to the advanced techniques and endeavor to offer people purer palm kernel oil.
palm kernel oil refining machine
Palm kernel oil refining plant

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