Raw water treatment station

raw water treatment equipment
Raw water treatment equipment

Some of palm oil mill plant need soft water or clean water. It is costly if you buy soft water directly. So we have raw water treatment station to solve this problem. So usually we will use raw water treatment system to solve this problem. After dosing, setting and filtration, the source water(river water) can be changed  into pure water which is used for water supplying in steam boiler and process use, ensuring the good quality of water as well as the oil.

raw water treatment station
Raw water treatment station

Water consumption of the palm oil mill include: furnace feeding water, generator cooling water, production and living water, Only the after treated supply water can meet the sanitary requirement. Especially, the furnace supply water should be softened first, After anion and cation exchange resin treatment, meet the requirements of the boiler water, then be treated by deaerator for removing oxygen. At last, pump it into temporary tank for storage.

The equipment list of raw water treatment station:
1.Water Clarifier Tank
2.Sand Filter Pump
3.Sand Filter
4.Overhead Water Tank c/w Structural

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