What’s the process of importing palm oil processing equipment? What documents are needed for custom clearance?

For palm oil processing equipment importers, it’s extremely necessary to learn about equipment import procedures and needed customs clearance documents. In order to help customers smoothly import palm oil processing equipment, Henan Glory Company made a special summary of the above content.

Process of importing palm oil processing equipment:

1.Buyer confirm final equipment list of palm oil processing equipment and final price list with supplier, and then sign contract.

2.Buyer arrange at least 30% deposit payment to supplier via wire transfer.

3.After deposit payment is received, supplier confirm voltage requirement for 3 phase electricity and then send order to factory for machinery fabrication.

4.After machines are finished, buyer do full balance payment to supplier.

5.After balance payment is received, shipping cargo for goods start to arrange. Buyer can use their own shipping agent to book shipping cargo, or we can help buyer to book shipping cargo, but buyer should take charge of shipping freight from China to destination port.

6.After goods arrive destination port, buyer go and do custom clearance and pick up palm oil processing equipment there.

palm oil processing machine Palm oil processing machine import process

What documents are needed for custom clearance about palm oil processing equipment?

Different countries have different policies, buyer could go and consult it with clearing agent in destination port.

palm oil processing equipment custom clearance documents Palm oil processing equipment custom clearance documents

Here follows are some example of countries that Henan Glory Company delivered before, for your reference only.

Nigeria: CI, PL, BL, CCVO (Combined Certificate of Value and Origin), SC (soncap certificate).

Ghana: CI, PL, BL, CO (country of origin).

Sierra Leon: CI, PL, BL, CTN.

Madagascar: CI, PL, BL, BSC.

Benin: CI, PL, BL.

Zambia: CI, PL, BL

Tanzania: CI, PL, BL

As a professional and leading palm oil processing equipment manufacturer, Henan Glory Company has exported palm oil processing equipment to more than 30 countries and regions. Our equipment was welcomed by customers with its advantages of high palm oil extraction rate, stable operation and energy saving. If interests, welcome to contact us and our engineer team will customize the most suitable palm oil processing plant solutions for you!

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