What is the process of palm kernel oil extraction?

The complete process of palm kernel oil extraction include fiber separation, palm kernel cracker and shell separation system, crusher, cooker, palm kernel oil press machine and filteration. Specific configuration could be changed based on your actual requirements and needs. In this article, we will discuss the mature production process of palm kernel oil extraction and the equipment used in each step.

700-413小型棕榈仁压榨生产线1.jpgComplete process of palm kernel oil extraction

Step 1: Fiber separation

The first step in palm kernel oil extraction is fiber separation. The fiber separator is used to remove the fibers from the shell of palm kernels, making it easier for subsequent peeling and pressing. The remaining fibers can be used for fuel or feed.

Step 2: Palm kernel cracker and shell separation system

700-395棕榈仁壳分离设备.jpgPalm kernel cracker and shell separation system

The palm kernel cracker and shell separation system includes a magnetic separator, nuclear grading sieve, shell peeling machine, air separation column, and shakelon. The magnetic separator removes metal impurities, while the nuclear grading sieve divides palm kernels into evenly sized ones. The shell peeling machine uses impact and friction to break fruit kernels. The air separation column allows palm kernels to fall into the hopper of mobile phone palm kernels based on the weight and force area of palm kernels and shells. The separation rate can reach around 95% through a bucket elevator. The shakelon uses wind power to create a whirlwind shape on the shell, preventing it from drifting around when it comes out.

Step 3: Crusher


The crusher is for breaking the palm kernels, which is more beneficial for later steaming, frying, and squeezing to extract palm kernel oil.

Step 4: Cooker


The cooker is used to adjust the moisture content and palm kernel temperature, making it more conducive to oil production.

Step 5: Palm kernel oil press machine

700-420棕榈仁榨油机.jpgPalm kernel oil press machine

The oil press is the most critical step in palm kernel oil extraction. Our oil press is mainly 500 kilograms per hour, using advanced technology and built by professional engineers. It has the characteristics of high oil yield, durability, and high efficiency.

Step 6: Filteration

700-465板框过滤机.jpgPlate and frame filter

In the filtration stage, we mainly use a plate and frame filter, which is used to remove impurities in the oil and some moisture.

Each process in palm kernel oil extraction is essential to get more and better palm kernel oil. If you have budget issues, you can consider simple equipment configuration. In a word, you can also tell us your budget and specific needs, and our professional engineers and sales team will provide customized services for you. It can save you production costs while ensuring your production efficiency. Contact us for more information.

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