How do I start a palm oil processing plant in Cameroon?

As an equipment manufacturer which has been engaged in the cooking oil machinery industry for more than ten years, we will give you professional advice. To start a palm oil processing plant in Cameroon, what preparation you should make from the following five parts. It includes conducting local market research, making sure stable source of raw materials, determing processing capacity, choosing a location and setting up a palm oil processing plant and buying good quality plam oil processing machine.

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1.Conduct local market research in Cameroon

Cameroon is one of the largest producers of palm oil in Africa and has many palm plantations. Palm oil accounts for nearly 20 percent of the country's agricultural exports and is an important economic industry for the country. Therefore, there are many favorable factors for the construction of a palm oil processing plant in Cameroon.

2. Make sure stable source of raw materials

You must have a steady source of raw materials for your palm oil processing plant in Cameroon. Obtaining palm fruit is easy if you currently own a plantation. However, if you don't have mature palm fruit trees and this is a new business for you, you need to find a stable supplier to provide you with raw materials.

3. Determine your processing capacity

The capacity of the palm oil processing plant is very important, which is related to how big the workshop and what kind of machines we need. Therefore, deteriming the processing capacity is necessary. If there is a palm plantation, we can help to calculate it according to the area of your plantation and the situation of palm fruit trees.

4. Choose a location and set up a palm oil processing plant

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Choosing a location based on your processing capacity is an important step. You need to choose a suitable location to build the palm oil processing plant in Cameroon. The address can be close to water source and plantations or if it is possible to choose an open place with convenient transportation, these are good for later transportation and rapid processing.

5. Buy good quality palm oil processing machine

The most important thing is that you had better find a professional palm oil processing equipment manufacturer, to buy good quality equipment. Like us, Henan Glory Company has been engaged in oil machine design and manufacturing for more than 10 years, whose equipment obtained many approval by clients all over the world. Our company can provide different palm oil processing equipment according to the actual situation and raw material quantity of customers.

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If you want to start a small palm oil processing plant, we can offer a simple set of three, including thresher, press and plate filter. For larger palm oil processing plant, we can supply full set of machines from sterilizing, thresher, digesting, press, filter and vacuum drying. If you need refined palm oil, we have three types of oil refining plants for you to choose based on the automation of degree.

These five preparations are our suggestions on how to start a palm oil processing plant in Cameroon. If you are interested in palm oil processing equipment, Henan Glory has a professional team that can provide consultation, plan making, installation guidance, site planning and other services, and can help customers solve the whole process from design to installation.

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