What's the preparatory work for setting up a palm kernel oil mill plant in Nigeria?

Setting up a successful palm kernel oil mill plant factory in Nigeria is not an easy thing, there are many factors need to be considered. Next, I will help you analyze from business plan, start-up capital,factory land, business registration, power supply, Equipment purchase, etc.

palm kernel oil processing businessSetting up a palm kernel oil mill plant need to consider many factors

Step 1: Develop a complete business plan

A business plan is the first step towards starting any business. It helps determine the amount of capital required and how it should be used. In a way, It is also a key document in helping secure additional capital, whether through strategic partnership or lending, if required.

palm kernel oil processing businessBusinss plan of palm kernel oil mill plant

Step 2: Prepare start-up capital

This is the initial investment required to set up a palm kernel oil mill factory. Since palm kernel oil production is a capital intensive process, you will need considerable funds upfront. This cost can vary depending on the location of land chosen, land-size and capacity of palm kernel processing plant decided upon etc. If you don't have the necessary funds to start your palm kernel oil processing business as the sole proprietor, then you can exercise options such as entering into a partnership or sourcing capital from the bank of industry or other lending institutions in Nigeria.

Step 3: Find land & set up factory

Finding land is an important step. You will need to choose a location suited for production purposes yet not too isolated where distance becomes a hindrance for operation. Once the land has been bought, you need to build the palm kernel oil mill factory, which will storage your raw materials and your entire palm kernel oil production line. If possible, the factory had better also plan the necessary living space, like: parking lot, office, laboratory room, etc.

Step 4: Learn about business registration

To make your business a legitimate entity in Nigeria, you will need to register it with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria {CAC}. You can register your business as a limited liability company or you can simply register a business name.

Step 5: Buy suitable palm kernel oil processing machine

The typical machine and equipment for a small scale palm kernel oil mill plant includes: palm kernel cracking and separating machine, palm kernel crusher, palm kernel roaster, palm kernel oil pressing machine, oil plate filter, oil refinery plant, oil storage tank, and cooking filling machine.

palm kernel oil processing machineSmall scale palm kernel oil processing machine

Henan Glory Company recommends you to buy palm kernel oil processing machine from reliable equipment manufacturer. Because palm kernel oil processing machine is an important part of palm kernel oil mill plant factory.The running situation of the equipment will affect palm kernel oil extraction efficiency and the final economic benefit.

Step 6: Consider power supply situation

Usually, your electricity supply will come from PHCN. However, because the supply of power can be unreliable, you will need to invest in a stand-by diesel generator of a capacity and above to ensure there are no disruptions in your production line due to power failures at PHCN.

Step 7: Purchase raw materials & hire workforce

The main raw material needed is the palm kernel nut. It is sourced from oil palm plantations in the south of Nigeria and found in abundance during the rainy season, which is from April to November. You can purchase it from small farmers, small palm oil mill plant or professional palm kernel nuts wholesaler. In addition, you will need to actively carry out recruitment to hire your workforce which will range from hiring workers for the production line to hiring management level staff.

Step 8: Begin production

With the palm kernel oil mill plant established, you can now start producing palm kernel oil. A typical palm kernel oil production process involves palm kernel crushing, followed by palm kernel roasting, extraction of oil from palm kernel and collection and storage of the oil. The extracted oil is in crude oil form. It can be stored and sold directly or it can be taken for further refining.

Step 9: Expand marketing channels

Being a new business in the market, you will want to invest heavily into an aggressive marketing strategy to announce your entry into the market, create brand awareness and establish a strong consumer base.

The above is the preparatory works that you need to do before starting palm kernel oil processing business. If you do well all of these things, your palm kernel oil processing business must do very well.

After learning what preparatory works you need to do to set up a palm kernel oil mill plant factory, you may be wondering how palm kernel oil is extracted and what equipment is used? Please continue reading.

The whole palm kernel oil extraction process mainly includes five steps: palm kernel cracking and separating, crushing, roasting, pressing and oil filtering. The following content will introduce it in details combined with the needed palm kernel oil processing machine.

1) Crush palm nuts and separate palm kernel and shell

palm kernel cracker and separator Small scale palm kernel cracker and separator machine

Firstly, we need to use palm kernel cracker and separator to crack palm nuts to get the mixture of palm kernel and shell, and then remove the shell to get pure palm kernel.

Major equipment: Palm kernel cracker and separator

Shucking can increase the final oil yield, ensure the quality of crude oil and cake, reduce the wear of equipment, increase the reasonable production of palm kernel oil processing machine.

2) Crush palm kernel to small pieces

Next, we had better crush palm kernel into small pieces. Because the palm kernel is very hard and dry, direct pressing intact palm kernel will damage the palm kernel oil expeller machine and the final oil yield is not high.

Major equipment: Tooth roll crusher

3) Adjust the palm kernel to the best squeezing state

Then, we need to adjust the palm kernel to the best squeezing state to get crude palm kernel oil out. In this steps, we need to destroy the oil cells of palm kernel completely through the action of adjusting the temperature and water of palm kernel.

Major equipment: Palm kernel roaster machine

4) Squeeze palm kernel oil out

palm kernel oil expeller machineSmall scale palm kernel oil expeller machine

Finally, we need to extracting palm kernel oil out with the help of external mechanical forces of palm kernel oil expeller machine.

Major equipment: Palm kernel oil expeller machine

5) Filter crude palm kernel oil

Obtaining palm kernel oil does not mean the end of the entire palm kernel oil pressing process, usually, we also need to remove the impurities in the oil by clarification and filter to obtain relatively pure palm kernel crude oil.

Major equipment: Plate filter machine

After completing the above steps, we can get palm kernel oil is of high quality and ready for consumption directly. If you have special requirements, special USES, you can send the crude palm kernel oil to oil refinery plant for further processing to get high quality RBD palm kernel oil.

Henan Glory Company is a modern enterprise that is engaged in palm oil processing equipment for at least ten years. We have independent research and development, manufacturing, installation, debugging, technical team to provide better service for customers. If you are planing to start your own palm kernel oil processing business, we not only can supply you high quality palm kernel oil processing machine at factory price, but also can offer the best suitable palm kernel oil mill plant solution to you according to your actual situation. Welcome to consult us at any time.

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