What is High Acid Crude Palm Oil? What is the utilization of it?

High Acid Crude Palm Oil is a by-product of palm oil mills. Prices are well below official quotations for crude palm oil (CPO). Integrated extraction/esterification of high acidity non-edible oils using patented technology to convert High Acid Crude Palm Oil into valuable products. The resulting low-acidity oil can be used as biodiesel feedstock, and vegetable oil has high economic advantages for power generation and FAME (i.e., biodiesel).

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High Acid Crude Palm Oil including High fatty acid crude palm oil (HFCPO) and palm sludge oil (PSO) are by-products of palm oil mills. HFCPO is a by-product of non-food-grade oils made from loose fruit and overripe fresh fruit bunches. PSO is a by-product of the sterilization process, residual oil in wastewater and oil in press cake or decanter sludge. The price of HFCPO and PSO is much lower than the official quotation of crude palm oil (CPO). In the Indonesian market, the price of HFCPO is about 35% lower than the official quotation of CPO (crude palm oil), while the price of PSO is between 50-60% of the CPO price. Both of these by-products are non-edible oils and cannot be eaten. However, both palm oils can be used as feedstock for the production of biodiesel with high economic advantages. The contained fatty acids can be selectively neutralized using methanol over a solid-state catalyst according to a specific proprietary process. The resulting product has a very low acidity mixture of methyl esters and triglycerides to extract the low acidity oil fraction from the acid oil without chemical reaction. By doing this, pure vegetable oil (SVO) is obtained, which can be used as feedstock for biodiesel plants or as fuel for diesel engines for power generation.

According to a test done in Indonesia,, the acid fraction separated from the oily fraction through the extraction process can be converted into FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters). FAME is used to blend with regular diesel to achieve "Green Diesel" with huge economic profit. SVO and FAME compete with the market price of standard CPO. However, they are produced from cheaper raw materials and lower production costs. Therefore, these products are more attractive to users. And, the generated "Green Power Production" and "Green Diesel" can be used for palm oil mills and self-owned electricity in local and international markets.

The above is a brief introduction of what High Acid Crude Palm Oil is and what the utilization of it is . In conclusion, this by-product is a potential source for biofuel applications with high economic advantages and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. If you are interested in producing palm oil or build a palm oil mill, you can contact Henan Glory Company. We are a professional oil equipment manufacturer.

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